Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!



SUPEN 2842, still waiting for a reply for the last 3 weeks. Pls help!


Im taking care of this, I will message you in a moment, thanks for your patience guys :slight_smile:


We will sort out everything tomorrow morning @Jpmmuc and @PMXskciVR. Sorry for keeping you waiting!


Thanks a lot SweViver


Hello, I’m in need of assistance

My PiTool software updated today and subsequently updated my 8k firmware.
when the progress bar reached 100%, it didn’t progress any further and my headset flashed green, red, blue LED’s

Server issue when I tried to raise a support ticket,

Any ideas?


The firmware updated did not succeed and the r/g/b flash means that the headset is in a special mode, waiting to be flashed. There’s another flash tool that you can use.

Here’s a link… Sjefdeklerk's Pimax Flasher (4k/5k/8k)


Sometimes a reboot fixes this issue as when PiTool starts it just does the firmware again.

Otherwise, use the flashing tool as @neal_white_iii suggests.


Hey @Berno!
Have you tried using the DFU.exe file in folder C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime
Just start it, select the file “C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu”
and then click Download firmware. Make sure yoru Pimax is connected before you do this.

Let me know how it goes!


@Martin - Great to see you here and all you are doing for Pimax and it’s early adopters! A while back you did an intro video on the Pimax XR and at that time you said you were planning to also do a full XR review but I never saw that released. Are you still going to do it and if so when? It would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime can you let me know if today you needed to choose between a 5K+, an XR, and an 8K which one would you choose if you were planning on using it for a wide variety of content (both VR games and simulation including both brighter and darker content)? Thanks for your input!