Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!



Ohh so you have the same exact problem as me then.


Ok, so i messaged Pimax via their facebook page and got an immediate response and somebody looked at my ticket, finally. I was then asked if i had sent the unit back and i’ve answered but not heard anything since. I’ll chase again in the morning and let you guys know if i get any joy but tbh at this point i’m hesitant to send the unit back after seeing so many people who have sent the unit back and then not heard anything regarding a replacement. Starting to think the best option for me is to sell it on ebay at a massively reduced price and suffer the loss and pick up an Index instead :frowning:


Hi guys, the support team has been overwhelmed with tickets lately and as the crew has been changed/replaced a little among the support/after sales team, things are going a bit slow the last days. Im sorry for you guys, for the long wait and frustration. But Im trying to take care of things one by one, and some of you still havent got a reply, but thats because its just a lot of tickets to handle, and unless I get any sort of information to give you from the team, Im holding on my response instead of giving a bad excuse… Im thankful for your patience and understanding…


Thanks for the update Martin, a little bit of communication goes a long way in situations like this!


SUPEN 2842 as usual no replies for months! I don’t know what to say anymore…


Wow really? Sorry for this! I was 100% sure we have solved every single waiting ticket by now, especially the older. Let me have a look and I will get back to you asap!