Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!



Ohh so you have the same exact problem as me then.


Ok, so i messaged Pimax via their facebook page and got an immediate response and somebody looked at my ticket, finally. I was then asked if i had sent the unit back and i’ve answered but not heard anything since. I’ll chase again in the morning and let you guys know if i get any joy but tbh at this point i’m hesitant to send the unit back after seeing so many people who have sent the unit back and then not heard anything regarding a replacement. Starting to think the best option for me is to sell it on ebay at a massively reduced price and suffer the loss and pick up an Index instead :frowning:


Hi guys, the support team has been overwhelmed with tickets lately and as the crew has been changed/replaced a little among the support/after sales team, things are going a bit slow the last days. Im sorry for you guys, for the long wait and frustration. But Im trying to take care of things one by one, and some of you still havent got a reply, but thats because its just a lot of tickets to handle, and unless I get any sort of information to give you from the team, Im holding on my response instead of giving a bad excuse… Im thankful for your patience and understanding…


Thanks for the update Martin, a little bit of communication goes a long way in situations like this!


SUPEN 2842 as usual no replies for months! I don’t know what to say anymore…


Wow really? Sorry for this! I was 100% sure we have solved every single waiting ticket by now, especially the older. Let me have a look and I will get back to you asap!


Waiting… And waiting… and waiting! :angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::smiling_imp::imp::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::crying_cat_face::scream_cat::scream_cat::bone::skull::-1::-1::writing_hand::writing_hand::writing_hand::selfie::selfie::selfie::selfie::selfie:


FYI I received my 5K replacement last Tuesday, exactly one month after Pimax received my RMA unit.
So far I’m very happy with the new unit - No dead pixels and smear under lenses, image drift is also gone and overall package quality was much better than the old pre-order unit ( conclusion: never buy a pre-order vr headset again ).
Anyway thank you Martin and pimax team and I just hope I won’t have to contact you anytime soon.


Would love some help getting a reply. #16237.


Im trying to figure out whats causing the delay with your ticket, let me get back to you shortly and sorry for the delay! :frowning:

Good to hear you finally received it and that you are happy with the new unit. Its sad to hear about the long wait you have been dealing with, but hipefully the whole RMA process is much faster now as a lot of things have changed with the support management the last weeks. But yeah, lets hope you dont have to deal with more support issues from now on :slight_smile:

I will have a look now and will let you know through a direct message



The support team have tried to reach out to you a month ago already, as they wanted to assist you through a Teamviewer session. I cant see you replied to them though, or did you? I will check with the team as well.


Hi Marcin,

Yes I replied straight away, saying that no they cannot have a teamviewer session given the 2 issues are hardware.
The issues I have requested rma over are headphone jack not working and if I touch the hmd it greys out - not loss of tracking but an electrical problem.
Haven’t heard from them since then, it’s been almost a month.


I just tried to reply again on the oodo support system since you said you couldn’t see a reply. I can’t login and when I try to reset password it tells me there’s no such email on system. However they replied to my first request on that email.


I’ve signed up again and submitted ticket again. #17005.
Thanks for helping.


I understand. We are taking care of this as of now. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the struggles!


Hello Martin.
Sorry to say it but did you really forwarded my case to RMA team?
I received no single word from them.


Hi @SweViver,

I sadly need assistance with my ticket #16,159. Maybe you can help me there?

Here the Story to it:

  • I had a problem with my Headset (see: Image Tearing but only on the left Display with 90Hz **now with Video**) and send my Pimax 5k+ back to Pimax on 22th of June. After a couple of days, Pimax gave my replacement headset to DPD to send it to me. This was on the 9th of July.

  • After that, DPD tried to deliver the package on 12th of July and claimed I wasn’t at home. Which is a straight forward lie because I stayed extra for them at home. Usually, DPD tries then to deliver the Package at any Pickup store. But they weren’t able to do so twice!

  • In the end, they stopped trying to deliver the package, even if they told me that they will via their support ticket. That’s why I asked Matthew via the SUPEN Ticket he might ask DPD whats the problem, but sadly after he sends the request, there were no updates since then.

  • And if this wasn’t bad enough, I am seeing right now that DPD is sending the Package back requested by the sender…

My question would be now: What to do now?

It’s really frustrating because since I’ve sent the Pimax away, nearly 5 weeks have been passed.
Would it be possible to get it via DHL? Usually with them there are no Problems, at least where i am living.

P.s.: The Reimbursement for the previous replacement wasn’t paid either yet… even if i provided the invoice etc. on 8th of July in the same ticket (#16,159)

Pimax Facebook Germany
Image Tearing but only on the left Display with 90Hz **now with Video**

Let me remind them! Sorry I was not aware you were still waiting… Gimme a moment and I will get back to you!

Wow this is really unlucky! Unfortunately, its not the first time DPD screws up. I had a similar issue a few months ago with some other purchase (non VR related) and the company had to re-send it to me again. Recently my Index also “got lost” with Schenker, still waiting for a replacement…

Anyway, let me check with the team, Im sure we can sort this out quickly by sending out a new unit, especially since the first one is apparently on its way back to Pimax…

I will get back to you shortly!



Now having a second look at our conversation, Im not sure what you mean by “no single word”. The only RMA issue we had was the RMA shipping cost refund, which we solved and you received it almost a month ago. Is there anything I have missed here? :slight_smile:


I was talking about this. Not shipping cost refund. I did not receive my headset yet and 10 days have passed since


this ridiculous mail came to me.
I already explained that my headset is second hand product to Pimax which is delaying the delivery because order history does not match. However, Pimax have never answered about delivery or asked about more information of the headset. Just that mail above. This is not a normal response.