Does anyone have tried the ZEISS Cinemizer OLED Video Glasses?



It’s really hard to say. With the Magicsee M1/M1 Pro it gives a pseudo head movement effect with the hdmi input as gen1 headsets produce a more pan & scan size picture. Interestly the Magicsee m1 uses head movement to let you see the missing left & right parts of the image.

The biggest problem wiith trying to get VR on a console is whether or not the game supports native vr(psvr) or has something to convert it to VR (Vorpx).

Now if a Video headset supports 3D a game with 3D support on a console might work or if it can upconvert to 3d output.via maybe a device.

But unless your willing to experiment with spending cash on a chance it will work. It would likely be better to wait for a confirmed method that works.

I have never explored it (no xb1 or ps4) I have heard you can do some kind of VR by streaming Xb1 to pc as @g-coded was mentioning.

As for console direct? Not sure perhaps with emulation dongles or special devices to map controller functions might work. The Tilt device 4 example if can work. You might be able to map it like mouse look.(look stick).

Essentially you’d likely need to develope something or have disposable income to experiment.


I have looked into the streaming from console to pc before , but the way the consoles’s games would be played in vr headsets, would be via cinema mode. This was at least when i looked into it 1 or more years go.

Could you please repeat how the device “tilt” could be used ?


Tilt device could likely be mapped for Look. Up down left right. But truthfully @g-coded likely have better input on it.



Have you received already your tilt unit?

Are we forced to wear it on the head only or can we wear it on the feet or chest or hip?

What would be the use you would do with it?

I might go for it.

Thank you for your suggestion


Haven’t received it, there is quite a long shipping estimate(15-20 business days), so it will be a while.

It has a magnetic mount, so it can be mounted anywhere, there is a gif showing it on a camera swivel mount.

I was thinking of using it similarly to how you were using the ‘step trackers’(WASD), maybe try emulating a ‘space mouse’ for CAD.

I wasn’t sure if it could add to your setup, unless the rotation can emulate mouse movement.


I hope it can emulates mouse movements otherwise it could be useful for adding it to walkovr and to icubex ( until icubex optimize the crouch and jumpimg too) for adding crouching or jumping to walkovr and I-cubex


@Heliosurge hi! The person that have done a lot of videos and testing with cinemizer along the years with console games, wrote me this when i asked him about how the game image would look like inside the cinemizer headset/lenses.

What do you understand from the reply?
I am confused . Would i see the game through a cinema/theather screen?

" the Cinemizer gives you a flat 40 inch 3D OLED display … it’s a Low Field Of View HMD but you will see the Xbox game across it’s entirity just keep the screen / res ratio 16:9 "


Essentially sounds like either theater mode. Or simply like the old Video Glasses they had out over 10 years ago that gives you a peesonal 40 inch screen. In this case like have a 40" TV on your head.

(Keep in mind it’s early & coffee hasn’t taken effect yet)


Thank you for your input!


Hi @Heliosurge , I am still puzzled about the cinemizez googles vs using headsets that might have hdmi input.

can we please talk a little more about it ?

What do you think those googles that have hdmi input have more or less compared to headsets with hdmi input ?

Keeping in mind the use I was suggesting I would like t do, using their hdmi input to have head tracking in the headset to play non vr pc and console games



They have had video glasses for quite sometime. If your planing on using head tracking as an input. The latency of the image change is needed to be low?

Truthfully better resources on this would be folks like @crony & @VRGIMP27 whom have stronger experience in hmd design.

But brainstorming always nice.


Thinking about an alterntive to cinemizer + headtracking cinemizer , with bigger fov and no noticable playing in theater mode


@Heliosurge have u heard about these?

It has hdmi input and FOV 148° (D); 111° (H); 79.5° (V)

Do you have any thoughts about it?


I have heard of dji. I would presume latency should be decent being made for drones. I am guessing if screen specs is accurate must be hdmi 2.0?

Could be nice.


Thanks for the reply! What I do not understand is :

  1. do we still see the images like from a screen positioned at a certain distance from our eyes as in the case of the cinemizer ?

  2. cinemizer id OLED , I think dji is LCD . Would that make cinemizer better no matter its very narrow FOV ?

What do you think ?


I’ve used other drone goggles but not dji. Yes they are a screen set a certain distance from your face.
The ones I used were a bit washed out in colour but this was several years ago. They should have improved. And dji is focused on drone photography and do it nicer than most others so likely way better quality than what I used.
Latency was excellent. I was flying acrobatic racing drone through it with no problems.


Thank you for your feedback! Do you think that these dji re have a bigger fov compared to the other headsets ? I can’t find any through the lens videos for any of these googles that have hdmi input, so it is hard to imagine what to expect


They had quite a small fov on the ones I used. Keep in mind that was years ago now. I haven’t used anything modern.


I am still puzzled if a cinemizer OLED would be better than a dji re LCD. Also Would the cinemizer be capable to support 3d that the dji would not ?



Hi Martin. I have a few questions please about this headset and what you described that we could do with that headset :

Hi Martin. I have a few questions please.

  1. do we have headtracking in these pc games that we can use to play in this headset by moving the head and moving the camera in game?

  2. can we add head tracking to this headset/games played in this headset , by using a mouse for headtracking?

  3. is there any way to play these games by standing and moving in place ? ( I have a few ways to walk in PC and console games to move in games, other than clicking buttons to move in games)

  4. how close to that screen and how immersive we can go in these games by moving out eyes closer to the screen ?

  5. is there any way to maybe play also console games in this headset ?

  6. how keyboard and mouse input are supported in these games? Through the pc? If so, we could use captogloves to actually use hands in these games and i would use diy methods to walk in games

Thanks !