Does not turn on pimax 8k, error 10500, SHIPMENTS OF GUARANTEES IN EUROPE?



Well, verified by the technicians the hardware breakdown, they tell me to send it to China from Spain, the shipment I get for more than € 100 + tax and fees, they tell me they reimburse me 50€ for the shipment, I remember that people commented that there was a warehouse in the UK to receive viewers with problems


In my RMA, I sent the 5K+ to this address:
Phoenix Way
Phoenix Park - Longton
ST3 2JD Stoke-on-trent

Pimax returned me the amount of the shipment by paypal (less than 50€). A piece of cake and a 10 for them. Why don’t they do the same this time? Please @Doman.Chen


Well I have been given a Chinese address to send it and it costs me over 100€ + tax and fees. My colleagues tell me that they sent it to the address you mentioned and it cost them about 47€ that they returned. Can you help me Please @Doman.Chen


@Dallas.Hao , can’t i send it to UK? It’s not normal that a HMD that has a month and a half doesn’t work and we have to spend more than 100€ for shipping to China.

Please solve the problem in a logical way.

PD - The Pimax 8k of Chapeka are mine, I sold them to them, they are exactly one and a half months old and have been turned on 4 times in this time.


We need a technical service in Europe, it can not be that we have to send the Hmd to China


We would like to know what are the steps to apply the Pimax warranty in Europe, the official position of Pimax in this regard.

Let’s see if it is possible that some representative of Pimax can clarify this for us once.

@Dallas.Hao @SweViver


Perfect, I have verified PIMAX through the servicedesk that I can send to the UK, the shipping I get a little less than 40 €, great news I thank the people who supported me, this is great for all users in Europe.
The question now is how long it takes from sending to receiving the viewer again? it repairs? Is it changed by another?


I do have the same problem. I bought a Pimax 5k+ in in Switzerland over a week ago and it simply won’t turn on, no sign of life. As I live in Brazil, the headset is now here. I will enter in contact with Pimax, hopefully I just made a silly mistake, but I tried all ways to get it to life.


Hi. After sending the viewer to the UK, it arrived on Friday and I sent the reception verification by PIMAX, they did not answer me in the servicedesk, how soon they say something?



Today I looked at the status of my case in the service desk and I see that my case has been removed, there are no references to my warranty service, I hope this is the normal procedure and they told me they were already sent to me, I do not have a No shipment tracking nor verification of shipment. my SUPEN-4995