Dofreality - 2dof , 3dof, 6dof platforms for motion simulation



Is this one made by spamreality?


what do u mean for spamreality?

Do you have something to contribute with, in terms of gadgets to post?

I think that would be useful :slight_smile:


Cool seat :seat:! Did you @MarcoBalletta have the chance to test that one?


Not yet.
I have ordered the 3 dof with the upgrade to 6 dof.

The 6 dof is a pre order because it is in developing as we speak. So, I was crazy becaue I prepaid for a 6 dof rig that is being build right now.
They told me that the 6 dof will be ready in 4 -5 weeks. So I have no picture or nothing to show about the 6 dof.

They could ship me already the 3 dof but I told them to wait and ship me at the same time the 3 dof with the 6 dof upgrade

The thing is that I do not have wheel and pedals yet. I backed the feelvr wheel and pedal but they will not be ready until November. So even if I get the 3dof and 6dof rigs shipped in 5 weeks, I would not be able to test them :frowning:

I know there are a few ppl that pre ordered the 6 dog. Most probably they will be able to review the 6 dog , montha before I will be able to try it and let you know my experience


Cool Thanks for the info, I look be scanning for you update. VR wheel? Why not a classic thrust master or Logitech?


Because I love that force feedback that this wheel should have

And I think the kickstarter price is “affordable” compared to other wheels and pedals that are offering more or less the same specs.

I have an old pedal and wheel, but I really want to try these rigs directly with the cool pedal and wheel :wink:


I think you should check fanatect direc drive wheel. It will be great wheel for resonable price + it will support whole ecosystem from 2.5 fanatec base


I can’t afford that price at the moment after I have already put money in so many different vr gadgets and car sim gadgets :frowning:

How this wheel is better than feelvr?