Dofreality - 2dof , 3dof, 6dof platforms for motion simulation


Project cars 2 feels amazing with the 6dof setting that dofreality just shared , conpared to how i had the rig set up before.
It is so important to have the right setting to get the best experience out of the 6p


My video of Dirt Rally 2.0 on my dofreality p6

I know, I suck driving, but keep in mind that I set up the max/min in tuning center so that I could enjoy the feelings of a 6 dof. That makes the car very hard to drive.


Nice rig but yeah you are ghastly driver :wink: what driving wheel do you have ?


Lol. You are right!

I have a cheap wheel and pedal from logitech. The g920. I was forced to buy that because i am still waiting for the feelvr pedals and wheel to be produced and shipped