Don't forget about the Pimax 4K


I understand all the attention is on the 8K, but it kind of seems like the 4K is getting ignored.
The main thing that would make all your 4K users happy, @xunshu @Pimax-Support would be news about tracking. We’ve asked and gotten promises and vague responses.

So, any news about the 4K support in the future?

Ok, so the thread has gotten pretty messy, so in the interest of clarity, I will post all the suggestions here at the top. Tell me if you want anything added.

Suggestions for the 4K in future:

  1. 4K Tracking system
    Possibly using a tracking puck like the Steam VR Tracker, so we can then use (and therefore purchase) the 8K controllers/lighthouses.

  2. A software fix for ghosting.
    Possibly with sliders to make adjustments to shudder timings - @Heliosurge

  3. Option in the Piplay software to enable/disable one or both gyros.

  4. Fixing the software IPD range problem.

  5. Fixing the Drift Issue.


Hi, we still stay on track for optimizing Pimax 4K, furthermore, 4K is still our flagship product in current market before 8K CV releases. Your any feedback and proposals about 4K still be much welcomed.


Ok thanks then, lets use this as a general suggestions thread.

The main ones for me I think are:

  1. The positional tracking system! Compatible with the 4K? Any news on this?

  2. Ghosting. I am not sure but many people seem to think it is possible to eliminate ghosting or reduce it through software.

  3. Option to only have rotational gyro, for use in things like Driver4VR.

  4. Fixing the IPD range. I have 64mm IPD, so why is 58.3 the clearest image?



Good points.

For tracking if they create a v2 tracking puck; laser tracking could be supplemented to 4k headset.

Adding a setting to adjust shudders timings & maybe frequency will let us tweak ghosting as this will still let them focus on the new headsets while giving us a tweakable option.


Hi - are you going to fix Piplay to allow the B1/BE headsets to drive at the higher refresh rate that they’re supposed to support - at the moment, it appears locked to 66Hz



Good to here that, it almost like pimax4k users are using another brand of headset already. At least, piplay still getting updated. 55


Hi guys, I will reply the issues you concern together soon after confirming with engineers.


How long do you think it’s going to be before the 8K CV release?

I’m no Pimax hater… I own the 4K and I’m a full 8K backer #352… but unless Pimax releases RIGHT now a serious upgrade to the Pimax 4K that seriously reduces ghosting, solves the issue of anyone having drift and provide steam compatible tracking controllers (preferably outside in tracking) … the 4K has no future.

While I’m excited about receiving my 8K next year and linking it with my Obutto simpit… I also purchased the MS Mixed Reality HMD from Samsung (got it a couple of days ago). I also tried the least expensive MS HMD by Acer. The MS HMD’s are in the same price range of the 4K and while the 4K does have better resolution the MS HMD’s just provide a much better immersion and value. These include:

  1. The MS headsets are truly plug and play. There’s going to be no waiting for updates to any driver from Samsung to resolve issues. It works now… it’s solid. I can take my MS Samsung HMD to a friend’s house, plug it into his computer and as long as he has Windows 10 latest update, the system will just work without installing any software. That’s really nice and I tried it. It works solid.

  2. It runs at 90hz and there IS NO GHOSTING. You can use it with ALL games. There are lots of games I can’t play with the 4K because I can’t stand the ghosting. It’s also brighter.

  3. It has Inside out controllers - It works, it’s solid. No more NOLO!!!

I had my 4K for a year. I don’t regret it and I feel I got my money’s worth from it. It still provides excellent resolution that to this day other HMD’s haven’t matched. It’s incredible for watching movies. I think it works best in cockpit simulation games (less motion and no need for trackable controllers). But after receiving my Samsung HMD… I’m putting away the 4K. I’m in the camp that believes the ghosting on the 4K can’t be resolved. The MS HMD’s coming to market now is a serious threat to the 4K IMHO!

Either Pimax seriously improves the 4K now or they are going to need to hit a homerun with the 8K. I don’t think Pimax can count on the 4K being a “cash cow” much longer myself … the “cash cow” term came from another article about Pimax that called the Pimax 4K a “cash cow” for Pimax, however Pimax reps have repeated that term on occasion. I hope Pimax doesn’t believe the hype!


Exactly. It just makes sense for them to continue supporting the 4K, well, and to fix some issues, because it tells people how they are gonna be treating the 8K in a year’s time. Would you buy the 8K now if they dropped the 4K after a year?
I am gonna be waiting quite a while before I buy another headset. Another 2 years at least. So I hope and expect the 4K to still be a big priority for Pimax far into the future.


@tomohm can you fit your samsung perfectly? I read that the front hinge is stiff and this prevents a good fit.
How is the resolution compared to the 4k? It is the only Windows HMD to use an oled diplay so i am curious about the pixel arrangement…

My 4k is right now collecting dust, too. Playing right now in georgious 4k on my new xbox on x (yes, even some old xbox360 titles in 4k!). I would like to have all the upgrades and problems solved you all mention! But just to be honest: after my 8k arrives i will not have any use for the 4k. Like i do not have any use for my dk2, dk1, etc. So pimax, please focus on 8k first and then if resources are there, develop an upgraded 4k (display from 8k, new headstrap, positional tracking and DP for using all the pixels!) and offer us a trade-in for our old 4k - even though i can not use it myself because i removed the shutters… i would welcome a hardware-upgrade, too. But i think to develop that consumes resources we would need desperately for the new 4k and 8k/x.


it does feel like we are abit forgotten. i have not used my 4k for weeks due to the tracking drift issues and also having dust in my unit. ill likely go back to my big screen if the tracking is not fixed soon.

as for an upgraded 4k, thats basicly the 5k they were offering.


The 5k has two screens for 200fov and the 4k has only one screen for 110fov. The 4k could be therefore offered cheaper. And because of only one screen it could be driven natively 4k - which would be much better for marketing.


Yes. And I would buy the 16K model the following year if they make it and I’m as happy with the 8K as I was of the 4K!


There is no hinge on the Samsung. I think Samsung is the only MS HMD that you can’t lift the visor while leaving the headstrap on. Though Samsung has something more like a spring on the visor. You can not lift the visor up or down but instead forward and backwards. The spring is set so it pulls the visor closer to your face. Honestly, I wore the headsets a couple of times before I realized that I could pull it. I believe that spring is to keep the visor snug to your face.

I don’t think I have ever tried the “perfect fit” HMD yet and I’ve tried many. In my opinion, the ACER had the most comfortable fit that I have ever tried and the VIVE was the worst. In my opinion the 4K is more comfortable than the Samsung but not by a whole lot.

Until I’m able to play SteamVR on the Samsung (next week) I’m going to hold off on comparing the resolution. But there’s noticeably more SDE on the Samsung. Though the SDE on the Samsung was much less than what you will see on the VIVE or the Rift


Good, but I doubt many people would or could do the same. Pimax can’t rely on a small group of enthusiasts to buy their stuff every year.


Agreed need to continue support on the 4k. A headset should get 3 years of support easy. If a company wants to retire old headsets then the driver should be opensourced to allow continued advancement.

I would personally like to see an upgraded 4k, preferably with clpl displays (2x2048*2160) Usb 3 & DP. Maybe new serial could be 104. Could even offer an upgrade kit for original 4k users.

Keep some kind of scaler but offer Cinema 4k native. Add a couple usb-c connectors & a laser tracking v2 modul puck that can be used to bring pos head tracking.

The 4k with upgrades could become the mid tier headset. Have tracking systems as the add ons.


I understand what you’re saying but please keep in mind…

Pimax sold 30K 4K units. The market today for new HMD’s is in the millions. When you add my original context which was the 4K at its current condition and price can’t compete with the newly released MS HMD’s and most likely never can (ghosting). The small group of enthusiasts actually will be the remaining 30K 4K users that didn’t upgrade that Pimax can’t afford. HMD’s are going to have short life spans for the next few generations. There’s room for a lot of improvements with the VR HMD’s we have today.


There not as cheap as you think. The cheap ones generally have bad reviews & even the expensive samsung is good & bad.


I haven’t myself seen any really bad reviews on any of the MS HMD’s but there doesn’t exist I believe any HMD that scores 100% perfection today. Each of them has their own issues. I own the Samsung HMD and I have tried the Acer HMD which is the cheapest as I understand of the MS HMD’s. The current MS HMD’s cost between $350 to $500. The 4k cost $350. That absolutely puts the 4K and the current crop of MS HMD’s in the same price range. Now each of the MS HMD’s includes solid inside out tracking controllers. Even if Pimax now adds controllers to the 4K to compete… that $350 HMD Pimax cost will certainly increase and possibly exceed the Samsung’s cost of $500. The 8K Kickstarter pricing for each controller is $100 and then there is the base unit cost if they don’t use inside out tracking. I can’t see them doing it cheaper for the 4K and not the 8K. It would be the same technology.


350 to 499 us