Doom 3 BFG VR anyone got it working?



thanks m8 :slight_smile:


Found out how I set it up back then.

It’s covered in this video:

He also has a tutorial on menus, voice commands etc.:

Fully Possessed mod:

Hi Def pack:!68BUCDZS!PVv4gQSrrP0i6U0Huetqfn-WBXZvpMkDKB81F7_9b7o


Does parallax mapping work in doom 3 bfg edition ?


ey, Rain. I won’t try the wulfen texture pack seeing many people couldn’t get it to work for BFG. won’t take the struggle to try to get it to work. I’ll be satisfied with the High def pack instead :smiley:


I’ll try it with the hi def pack this weekend :slight_smile: