Doom VFR through lens (Pimax 8k)


I saw this video on youtube , the video is not of good quality but the doom looks great


I love the music
What song is that…can someone !!


Impossible to say something about the picture quality of the Pimax from this video. Picture is too blurred.


Music : Blind love dub by Jeris


Yes, all the videos that show through the lenses are like that, they are not clean and of low quality


Thanks alot :slight_smile:


Does anyone know the name(in english) or where to buy those "vertical supports of at least 2 meters
that are used to put the base stations that appear in the video?thanks


Those look like the v.2 lenses. Are they @xunshu ?


Are those flashes brainwarp or is it the camera?


pretty sure thats tracking being lost due to person holding the headset with their hands.


I found these two links, but I think you can search for other brands too:

Hope it helps


this helped a lot. Thank you :relaxed:


To be honest I m quiete concerned about the overall picture quality that is shown on the recent 8K lens view videos.
The color looks kinda washed out to me and clarity wise its way fuzzier that I had anticipated. I mean look for expl. at the Pimax 4K lens view video shown here:

compared to the recent ones (Pimax 8K):

The picture (on Pimax 4K) looks much more detailed and crisp to me then the 8K lens view. Also the colors are much more pronounced and vibrant to me. Anyone else feels the same?


The problem is we have no idea what these videos have been filmed with. For an “8K” technology vendor you’d hope they would use a good camera but who knows. Best to wait a few weeks untill the select backers get hold of them. It will be judgment day for this device


The textures of Last video are from Nintendo 64.


The “Camera” used is the issue here, not the lenses - it’s impossible to trueley tell the image quality from that footage. It could be that bad, but I guess only if the 3,14Max Team is as short sighted as I am and developing without :eyeglasses: glasses or seriously drunk, so most likely too me seems the camera point of view, but who knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Will know when they use a 4K 60fps setup with a frame to statically mount the camera to.


If this is an official pimax video they are crazy thick… Talk about using a 1970’s recording device


Pretty good for an 8K tech vendor :wink:


Looks about as good as I expect being it’s up-converted 1440 vertical resolution. Bigger question for me is how wide is the sweet spot and we’re not likely to see that from a camera pushed into the HMD. What got me excited about the Pimax 8K is the 200 deg FOV. A little better resolution than my Vive is just icing on the cake

I wish the guys making these videos would slow down a little bit. Just hold the camera still for a bit and stop sweeping all over the place. I’m not interested in surveying the surroundings.


[quote=“ricknau, post:19, topic:5315”]
Just hold the camera still for a bit and stop sweeping all over the place. I’m not interested in surveying the surroundings.[/quote]
I agree; it’s most annoying and almost ever video suffers from it. What I’d most like to see is some smallish text or fine details in the center of the screen, which is what matters most for my primary VR application: Elite Dangerous.