Download All PiTool Installers Here

Thanks. Apparently you can’t edit your post after 3 months or something :confused:

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Can’t You make it into a Wiki post maybe? Maybe @Heliosurge can?

We sorted it another way :wink:


Where can i find Pitool download file?
This link doesnt work!

I’ve heard that downloading this version will work best with X-plane 11.
Issues im experiencing with latest version:

  • SteamVR occationally, actually more often wont recognize HMD at startup.
  • HTC vive controller doesnt work properly (no laser pointing and all triggers needs to be set up manually, which i dont have a how to do).
  • Tracking issues without drop in FPS (running smooth @ ~45 fps.)

This link works well :grin:

The link in this topic still seems to work

Have you tried to DL the file? it fails for me :frowning:

Nopp, failed to DL at 50% ish - sorry spamming

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U are awesome! thank you! :smiley:


Hmm sorry tried basic attempt & it gave option to download again. But I see @park has you covered. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Isn’t Pimax depreciating all old installers soon?

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Believe so. Eventually new Gpu drivers will not necessarily work with old pitool versions.

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Im confused here, what is the latest beta file is it this one “PiToolSetup_121_R211”

And whats the latest non beta? (PiToolSetup_1.0.1.112 ? this one isnt even in this list on the first post)

And which ones supposedly support launching steam titles without steamvr?


Yes, but it was removed due to some bug (don’t remember which).

Beta builds end with uneven numbers (like 111 or 121), stable builds end with even numbers (like 112).

The other number (211 in latest beta is the firmware I believe.

They really should stick to one filename scheme… :grin:



Thanks for the info thats perfect.
On the launching steam titles without steamvr… it was rumored here and elsewhere that a certain pitool beta version now allows this (the games list tab supposedly shouldnt say requires steam for some), but i’ve yet to figure this out

actually confused if betas are odd numbers and they list say 109 as Not a beta this is confusing too i guess.
So it would seem 109 is the latest non beta since 112 had a bug?

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It’s more workarounds somr folks like @park have posted to launch a variety of steam titles without steam.

Ah ok, the command line launcher method i think i saw, ok. Someone had said that xp11 could be done without steamvr launched, but they seemed to indicate from within pitool, but i guess not.

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Depending on the game & method yes from pitool but think you might have yo add manually to pitool? After editing a Steamap id file. See one of @park’s tutorial…think something like Project Cars NoPP

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Quel est la véritable version pitool stable ? c’est complètement déstabilisant ! comprendre quelque chose devient compliqué ! Mais bon , apparemment ça dérange personne !!!

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