DPD courier service

I received an email today from DPD saying that a parcel will be delivered tomorrow and I will receive an email when it’s out for delivery. As I have nothing else ordered I’m hoping it will be my Pimax but I’ve received nothing else to confirm this. Are Pimax using DPD in England ?
Anyone else had an issue like this?

Also I’m working which is not ideal. Will have to sort something out

Yes, Pimax are using DPD in the UK and a number of other UK backers have received the same notification. So it is likely to be for the Pimax.

Although it says tomorrow, I would caution there is a chance this could be delayed as they have yet to pick up the parcel from Pimax.

Thanks for the info. It was either them or a scam email but it looks legit. I may organise it to be delivered to a drop off point so I won’t miss it by not being in.

Does anyone know who pimax is using for europe and ireland?

:’( Not got an email yet.

But seeing as a few UK backers and EU backers are now posting they have received an email, should hopefully be in the next week. Pimax did say enough units have been shipped to fulfil all the the backer orders.

If you install the dpd app on your phone you can have the package sent to a different address or pickup location.

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From reading a number of other peoples messages on here, it looks like they us DPD across a lot of europe (e.g. Germany). Someone from Finland mentioned they received a tracking number from DPD UK. That’s all I know.

thank you for the info

If your HMD got sent from the UK this list shows the most likely end courier https://www.dpd.com/home/our_network

Normally you can opt to have your parcel dropped off st a parcel shop, safe place or neighbours.
Have you got the DPD app?

I’ve downloaded the app and changed my default delivery address. Not sure if it will work or not. Will find out soon

got the app too, if you want you can get it delivered to a pick up location as first or second attempt .

Being delivered today between 3 and 4pm. :slight_smile:


I received mine at 9:15am this morning. I didn’t believe it would ever happen. I had it powered up and running SteamVR successfully within 30 minutes.


Where did u get Pitool from ?
Link not available on Pimaxvr.com

I’m backer 5035-ish. I feel like I still have a few weeks waiting to go.

I would have backed way earlier but the v3 prototype was going to be shown at the Amsterdam VR festival a few days later. So I waited to go there and try the thing. I immediately backed after trying it but only when I got home and figured out how to setup a kickstarter account.

Many backer spots lost this way… Ah well, hopefully mine has improvements over the first batches

I got mine from Pitool & Changelog Download. 103 worked for me.


Well the DPD app says my driver is on delivery number one and I am 154. Problem is he’s been on the same delivery since 9am. Hoping it’s just the app playing up. Will have to wait and see

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It has arrived