DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo Review



Gonna post this here for any interested parties.


LOL, nolo controllers, that’s when I turned the video off.


So brutal…

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Haha no offence Rob but I just hate Nolo with a passion. I also own a Deepoon E3 headset (1440p) which is the worst of all hmd’s I own, it’s a real torture device, I wouldn’t wish that for my worst enemy, LOL


Can I interest you in some Thumb screws? :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Sounds like another Pimax 4K, ghosting?? The D3 with OLED was not a bad headset for the price at the time.

Do you know if the NOLO has to be used or can it be a 3dof with internal gyros and an Xbox or Steam controller?

Also cant find anything on the website regarding price or availability?