Dynamic resolution in UE4.19


Good news for those with a slow graphic card.

UE 4.19
Rendering Updates:
Temporal AA Upsampling. This is a spatial and temporal upscaler that happens in the Temporal AA pass to produce consistent geometry sharpness from varying primary screen percentage from 50% up to 200%.
Dynamic resolution. To go with Temporal upsampling, Unreal Engine 4.19 also introduces Dynamic Resolution to automatically adjust screen percentage according to previous frame GPU workload.


Dynamic resolution has been around for ages so UE4 is playing catch up. I personally didn’t like it as it drops the quality to silly blurry levels even on a 1080 Ti. Maybe it is just a bad implementation in the games I tested it on like Path of Exile


yes The Lab from Valve use it since many years ago. i have not tested UE4 implementation yet but i see it part of a bigger picture.
The alternative to this is AWS but AWS does not take in account your latest action , you can’t sustain it for many successives frames and you only have information of previous frame.
Dynamic resolution upscaling tech however take the latest action in account, some of the current pixel frame that are perfect, it is easy to separate the UI in another layer which will not be impacted, it will evolve with foveated rendering ( you first only downsample the pixels you are not looking at ) and upscaling algo are getting better by smartly leveraging pixels from the last frame and with Volta we might even be able to run some GAN model in real-time using their AI acceleration to do even smarter upscaling.