Early backer, bad cable, Pimax ignoring replacement request



I am one of your earlier backers (in the 200s) and have loved your 8k headset (when it has been working) and talked and written a lot of positive about it.

Unfortunately there were problems with my first headset and I had to make a return. This was a horrible experience because:
-It took almost 4 months.
-I was also promised that I would get a full refund for the shipping and customs I had to pay to return it. I only got a partial refund even after contacting you several times and you promising you would fig it. It was not a lot of money so after a while of being ignored I just gave up, but it is not right and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now I am experiencing a bad cable. The problem is exactly as described in this forum thread: [Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots) and shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rTymmcJgDY

I am 100% sure it is the cable that is the problem and this is a known problem. I have been in contact with Wythe Huang trying to get a replacement cable, but he refuses to reply to me after I told him that I am not able to get a good picture of the problem with my phone camera. I feel I have described the problem well enough that there should be no doubt that the cable is the problem here. I have sent several e-mails asking what to do, but just complete silence.

I am really tiered of wasting time on this, so if anyone competent could please help me get a replacement cable that would be great. If not I will have to write a more detailed post about my horrible customer service experience and start posting it elsewhere, which I would really hate to do as I really think your headset is the future of VR.

Please help me ! @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @mozi @Matthew.Xu


Try and reach out to @SweViver for some help . He has been doing a great job helping with support tickets .


@SweViver pretty please can you help me?

It looks like Pimax does not care at all anymore. Very sad.


I’m with the team we are checking on this now.


Im sorry to hear that you didnt get any reply in the past. I think the problem is that the old support system (which is now replaced with Odoo) did not register email-replies and every ticket reply had to me made directly in the system. This is probably why Wythe didn’t even see your replies, and never could answer them.

If you already have created a ticket in the new Odoo system, could you please give me the ticket number? If not, please create a new ticket, and let me know the number and we will promptly make sure to speed this up for you, so you dont need to wait any longer.



It appears a new cable is now on its way to me.
Thanks to everyone who helped me finally get the attention of Pimax, you are the real MVPs!