Edit: Oct 15 no tracking-numbers today, 2 deliveries


Been relatively quiet as far as shipping goes today.


Not me, I’m 44. Emailed Pimax and they got right back saying they are working on getting orders shipped still (within this range) so hopefully will hear something soon… They’ll get there - I think once they workout the logistics of the first batch things will become streamlined soon enough.


Dang. Non linearity with batch 1…
ಥ_ಥ Im not crying. …my eyeballs are just sweating.


Hopefully the 12th gets things moving


I hope so too… :dizzy_face:



Reminds me of this…


Updated post for accuracy.


That is exactly how I feel right now - got my 32xx backer no. and looking at the progress gives me the feeling that I need to take precautions that my heirs will be able to collect my Pimax when it finally arrives…


:slight_smile: hope they pack the HMD well :slight_smile:


Hopefully the lack of shipping over the past couple of days means they are re-thinking using EMS which apparently has a horrible reputation.


How does a modern delivery service exist that does the exact opposite of what a delivery company is supposed to do.


Nope, they’ll still use EMS and they’re at home on their time which is early Sunday Morning. You’ll get an update on Monday.


Ah gotcha

20 charssss


Pimax never learns. Shit happens, whatever inconvenience occurred is not a problem, we’re all in the same boat, but radio silence is the worst strategy for dealing with it


Unfortunately not a sole Chinese phenomenon. A friend once lived in Paris for a couple of years and before the first Christmas he bought an expensive bottle of Cognac and sent it by regular French post service to his dad. It never arrived. When he inquired at the post office, they asked him twice if he really sent that package by normal post service, and then pretty much asked him what he had expected. Last Christmas my brother in law sent his godchild a package with a letter, some sweets and a bracelet from the US. The package arrived 6 months (!) later, it was obviously opened and the bracelet was missing.

And now I expect my Pimax to arrive around… Christmas time.



You just can’t win. Honestly I sort of hate coming to this forum. It’s pretty unfair to have look through and check to see if I need to be vigilant about emails and all the setbacks etc and then the worst, absolute worst piece of crap no guarantee, half assed bafoons handling anything. It’s just really hard man no joke. Especially because I love vr so much, and the second I popped on the vive essentially knew what I’d be waiting for. I was in a state before I ever even heard of pimax doing the 8k, a state of being damn we need clarity and full fov. It’s just beyond icing on the cake now. I think we all deserve a break.


Let’s book a flight to Hainan Resort on Robins expense


Post headline updated.


50 Units shipped…

Will there be more tracking numbers today? @Pimax-Support