Elite Dangerous


It’s about the only game I play. Love it in my rift even with the poor FOV. This will be great.


Elite and projectcars2 is about the only games i play at a regular basis.

Already have like 2500+ hours in vr in ED, and over a thousand before.
That game is simply my crack.

Even to the point where I am now upgrading my hotad from a very good CH setup to a Virpil mongoose stick and MFG Crosswind pedals.


also an avid fan of this game. Love playing it in Pimax 4K, I also like to tinker to try to get the best out of the visuals - check out the thread in VR Content for ED fans and tweaks to make it run better.

2100 hours logged and around 2000 of them in VR



ED is the main game I play. I’ve logged ~1800 hours. I’m primarily an explorer and either play in Solo or in the FleetComm group.

I recently explored the Formidine Rift and am now following the “southmost” galactic spiral arm, counter-clockwise to its end. Then I plan to return to the bubble for a guardian FSD booster and some more engineering to reduce module weight (even more) in preparation for DWE 2.

I’m looking forward to the explorer-related improvements in Q4.

What is your favorite ED pastime and what improvements are you looking forward to?


Mining and exploration update is sounding pretty awesome so far. Also hope they can fix PowerPlay (to bring up a contentious topic), and the pirate massacre bug.
Also the module racks they’re talking about in the Focused Feedback Forum would be amazing.

I recently built a python for mining with 4 mining lances, now i’m only limited by my collector limpets not keeping up with my lasers (and a bit of overheating, need to engineer more).
Racks will possibly make that much more interesting and speedy (if eg. I can combine my scanners into one module slot and fit another limpet controller). Then I can really murder some rocks into pieces!

And I’m really curious what paid content they’re going to release this year in addition to the beyond updates.


Hi Neal,

when I played ED first, I “only” had TrackIR and Polarization-3D on my 47"-TV. Together with HOTAS and VoiceAttack, already this was really great and immersive.

But when I first played it in my 4K, it was still a large step forward and a very immersive experience, although the 4K doesn’t have Positional Tracking (which I had/have with TrackIR).

Yes, the small FOV is a bit disturbing, but by far not as much as it is with Skyrim, Project Cars or other games. I think, it feels a bit better with ED since space is dark, so the majority of your field of vision is “dark” anyway. But of course, immersion will certainly improve once again with a larger FOV since you see more of your cockpit and in your eyes’ surroundings as with 100°/110°. That’s why I am waiting quite impatiently for the 8K :wink:

But in any case, the larger FOV will add a lot of immersion to all the other games, too. I agree totally with you @Axacuatl, concerning i.e. Skyrim, especially 'cause I played a lot of side quests and the DLC’s as well (appr. 370 hrs in total). That’s why I spared the rest of the civil war quest and a fistful of little other stuff for the 8K. But yes, as soon, as this is done, I probably will banish Skyrim forever. Elder Scrolls games are great RPG’s, some of the best I ever played. But of course, after a couple of hundreds of hours each, you’ve seen every corner, every tree and almost every dungeon.
Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the last 5-10 hrs in Skyrim with the 8K :grin:


Yes, a head tracker definitely improves ED; I have an EDTracker and I cannot imagine playing ED without it (or w/o VoiceAttack). My 3D monitor is only 1080p, so for now, I’ve opted to play on my much larger 4K monitor. I am really looking forward to the 8K to.

The other game I’m looking forward to in VR is Dirt Rally. I haven’t played it yet, I’m saving it for VR. I hope my old Logitech G25 wheel still works, after years of disuse.

Me too. I hope at least some of it will be non-combat related.


ED is the only game I play as I used to play the original many many many years ago and backed the Kickstarter for quite a lump of dosh. Have a little group we play with , my son, my stepson, a couple of my sons mates and another mate in Florida. It is a great game, play in VR and 2D with a Rift and a 4K monitor. Really looking forward to the 8K as VR is fab for the game but the hires of 4K is brill as well, combining the 2 should be awaesome. I am best at trading, only tried one long explore but will do another now I have Elite in trading, the youngsters love shooty bangs as they call them…


I have Dirt 3 CE as well, played it a couple of hours with TV, but not in the 4K yet. Rally Racing is not bad, but I prefer formula and sports car racing. And truck driving :grin:
I will see, when the 8K is coming :slight_smile:


My brain has no problems handling position locomotion but rotational… man… i get sick within seconds…

How do you guys deal with it ?


VR sickness is highly variable and depends on the individual. There are conflicting reports as to whether a larger FOV improves or reduces motion sickness. It does depend on the game. It may depend on the hardware. There have been no reports of VR sickness (that I know of) with the Pimax 8K.

It is possible to train to reduce VR sickness. You should stop playing as soon as you begin to feel sick, allow yourself to fully recover, then play some more, trying to extend the time before getting sick. Unfortunately, it is possible that you may not ever fully adapt. I have a friend who gets sick playing first-person games on a flat screen; this has been a problem for him since the earliest FPS games (like the original Wolfenstein and Doom).

I get motion sickness on boats and trains, but not other vehicles. I sometimes even get sick playing on a flat monitor, whenever there is a slow undulating motion. Fast motion doesn’t bother me.


Well the only people who has spent more than a few minutes with an 8k is under DNA and cannot report on such things motion sickness.

I elite we have the SRV, a buggy for exploring planet surfaces and many have problems with it in VR.

I honestly found more discomfort in that in the screen han in VR. And sickness reducing measures like locking to horizon or blacking out during somersaults gives me problems I other wise wouldnt have.
And I have done some long drives in the SRV. Circumnavigating planets type of long.


…but the fact that some of them at least spent many hours a day under the M1 suggests it is not a major issue at all.



I am indeed feeling myself getting excited for the 8k.
Hope it comes soon :smile:


I initially had motion sickness driving the SRV on a flat screen. I discovered playing on a 3D flat screen reduced the sickness. Now it doesn’t bother me on a plain flat screen. I won’t know about VR, until my 8K arrives, since I currently have no VR headset.


When I started playing ED I was absolutely fine with flying the ships around, I could roll, pitch and yaw with no ill effects… But the SRV, that was a different story. I would feel nausea whenever it rolled from side to side, probably because I now had an horizon to focus on. I just kept playing until I felt ‘off’, then took a break and got back in the driver’s seat again, and aftwr anout a week I had adapted to the lack of the physical sensation of movement, and the nausea stopped. Now bouncing an SRV across a planet is something I consider fun ;).


[quote=“SWAT, post:36, topic:6899”]Now bouncing an SRV across a planet is something I consider fun
Me too. I like to go as fast as possible, which depends on the terrain. That’s the best way to quickly gather materials. I find that looking at the horizon (as opposed to the radar) helps me a lot.


i am particularly looking forward to greater variety in the size of asteroids and planet surfaces (in the next update?)
My favorite ships: asp for exploring and kraith for fighting.


That’s supposed to come in the Q4 update, at the end of the year. The Krait looks like a fun ship; I’m exploring far from the bubble, so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


I.e. I got very very motion sick in the Rift DV2 and the CV1. In Dec 2016, after having tried the CV1 first time for half an hour, I felt so dizzy and bad for three days until it got a bit more comfortable.
So I was very very anxious on how it would be in the 4K one month later. But… : No problems at all in it! Yes, the first sessions, I felt a little bit dizzy. But I got used to it very very quick, and even driving, jumping, bumping and sliding my SRV down a moon crater for three hours in a row (!) didn’t bother me any more!

For me, I suppose it to be the almost complete absence of SDE in the 4K as the far better and clearer image doesn’t stress my eyes as much as the Rift with its clearly visible SDE does. I already argued with many other people which got sick within ten minutes in the Rift or Vive, when the FPS went constanly down due to graphics load and which could not believe that the 30-60 FPS in the 4K didn’t bother me at all.
But that’s it for me: No prob’s at all with low FPS in VR - but quite a lot of motion sickness with visible SDE. At least as far as I experienced it and can explain it…
In the end, I don’t really know whether there’s some other reason perhaps, too…

I never experienced something similar to these three days after the Rift-“experience” any more since then.
But I also got used to eat a bit of ginger or drink a cup of ginger tea whenever I play longer sessions and get a bit uncomfortable due to this.
So normally, all such motion sickness passes within an hour if ever it comes. Can’t remember the last time :grin:

Seriously…?!? :frowning::hushed: Under “DNA”… ?!?
That poor boy - hopefully, it isn’t too heavy for him, that DNA, so he doesn’t get crushed :joy: