Elite Dangerous


I like so many (international) comedians. Scots, Englishmen, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Irish. German, Pakistani/English. Dutch (obviously). I like the many accents and languages. But I will never be able to truly understand all of them. Or even the culture of any foreign country. I wish I was a Bablefish. :slight_smile:


No, but I still did not manage to register on their website, and apparently for some odd reason you will only get updates if you have registered on that website. There was one update pretty shortly after I pledged, but since then I have not heard anything. Didn‘t they intend to deliver in July ?
Wouldn‘t be surprised if it is delayed. I know, that‘s kind of breaking news over here that that happens to projects…


in regards to vr sickness in SRV, i can defiantly say that when using my Oculus… i could vomit almost immediately if driving forward and then looking left or right! but in the 4K i can drive anywhere and not feel sick no matter what i was doing? go figure!!

I also use VA and have learnt that training your PC to recognize your accent is one thing, but VA may not be activating at the start of your phrase - if you are using ‘request docking’ as a phrase it may only be coming on during the last part of the words ‘docking’ and so VA does not see it as a legitimate phrase, so increasing your mic sensitivity helps also, if the VA does not respond to a known phrase, have a look in the VA main window and see what word it thinks you said… then add that word into the command.

i.e. you say ‘speed 100’ and it sees ‘seed 100’
now add ‘seed 100’ to the command in VA so it can use speed 100 and seed 100 as an alternative.



[quote=“Heliosurge, post:60, topic:6899, full:true”]
I had a friend growing up when his mom & a friend got chatty; couldn’t understsnd any of the scottish english. Lol
[/quote]My grandfather on my father’s side was from Peterhead, and had the thickest Scottish accent imaginable, a clear step beyond Rab C Nesbitt (Google it :wink:), but in person I could understand him perfectly, on the phone however, I would just hand it over to my dad because I couldn’t make out a word :smile:.


June july expected shipping was reported i will have to do some diggin and pm you if i find somthing



Forcefeel just issued an update today and said that the shipping is slipping by another two weeks, meaining they will start shipments by mid-August.

Sorry guys, this was not intended at all to create heart-attacks around the forum, sorry for not making it clear who I‘m talking about ! :pensive:


Huh what update?! What did u smoke dude?


If you look at the thread msg he replied to, it appears to be a “forcefeel 8”, whatever that is.

I was confused by this post too.


I wasnt HE HE .
ITs a haptic seat cover that also comes with simshaker software so not your ordinary sound feed


I have the predecessor I guess … the gametrix jetseat …
It’s pretty good :slight_smile:


Confirm that, better than I expcet to be in sound mode…


I’m mostly using it in USB mode and haven’t tried the sound mode yet … but Nixe to hear that its good there too !


But you are writing in Elite Dangerous thread, only sound mode is working with ED


Oh sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I meant I use it for Warthunder and DCS in USB mode …
I haven’t played ED since forever … Also waiting to refresh my love with the 8k !


I tryed to find one for sale but was unable to so went for the pre order then found site selling the one you have ,still but thats not to much of a problem as it inspired me to buy a small amp and single transducer to go under sterring rack for when forcefeel arives just so no dead zones ,but will put it under seat for now ,still not sure about ed big learning curve


ED only has a large learning curve compared to games like No mans sky and other extremely simplified arcade games.
If you have ever played any actual MMO wow, ESO etc they have a significantly higher curve.
If you want some context I recommend download the free version of DCS and see what a steep curve actually look like.
Seriously you can learn everything there is to know about flying in ED in a matter of a few hours.


Mastering flying skills in ED with „flight assist off” takes long days or months…


Mastering anything takes time.

But is still nothing compared to DCS.


All that talk about ED is giving me ED tho


ED is the reason I’m a backer. The learning curve was tough for me, but I really like the game, in spite of its flaws.