Enjoy DSR UpTo 5K 60Hz~!


Guys, I made it. It’s DSR 60Hz up to 5k.
just follow & enjoy

1. Extend mode 2. All check Nvidia dsr resolution 3. Install Piplay 4. Install Pix 5. Pimax 4K usb unplug & plugin 6. Uninstall Piplay 7. Pimax 4K usb unplug & plugin



If you are using DSR, the hmd has to be downsampling. HDMI 1.4B does not support 5k 60hz


OK, you’re right. “real” is not a correct expression.


NVidia DSR is like AMD VSR?


That’s right. It means Dynamic Super Resolution.


So what did you mean there? By using DSR you have a better upscale into the Pimax? That’s what you want to achieve? The image is more sharp?
As far as i know the max output supported by the Pimax HDMI is 1080p.


There is the instructions about resolution. If you have not read it, please take a look at this.

there is how it works ‘4k 60hz’, and I just hoped to tell everybody, we can use high resoution in temporary.


I see, thanks.

Could you make videos of the pimax thru the lens?


In extended mode you can set the resolution to 2k I don’t know the refresh rate tho.



Thanks but i use only simracing games and they are all available in Steam (Pcars, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, RFactor, Automobilista), i need the pimax mode.
I don’t understand why the pimax is seen as a 1080p monitor only. That’s the issue.

For the moment i tried 1080p + AMD VSR. It’s not bad but i wonder if native resolution would not be better.


In direct and pimax mode where do you see it listed as a monitor ?


In pimax mode with my desktop set at 2k it appears crisper on my vr display but no idea how to tell if its in a higher resolution. That is after running the resolution utility someone posted on another three. Have you tried that ?


I think we probably used the same utility.
The resolution of my monitor can be selected up to 2k resolution. So when I set the dsr, it was possible to set up to 5K.
If the monitor was up to 1920 * 1080, it would have been possible up to 4K resolution.
Here is another video of how to set up a high resolution.


In Direct mode, Pimax is output directly from the graphics card to Pimax without Windows recognizing it as a monitor.


When i check the extended device windows tell me that i have 2 generic 1080p monitor. One is the Pimax and the other one the videoprojector.

No and i’m afraid to try it.


If it’s dsr i’m not interested and yes using higher resolution with dsr or vsr helps.
It seems that i have issue when i’m using the vsr, i can’t explain why but i have gyro drift so i can’t use vsr.


I also have gyro drift issues. This issue is even seen in OSVR HDK 1.4, but it can be fixed using a fixed utility.
Perhaps it will be possible to solve it if the Pimax engineer provides the utilities.


It does not happen when i’m in 1080p mode but…every 20sec i can see the steam room during 1 sec, i think it shows the room in order to reset the alignement which means that there is a gyro issue in 1080p too.
It is new.


I’m not sure where you mean,the device manager or the display properties, or is it somewhere else ?

If I can find it. I will test and report back.
Not sure if it makes a difference I have AMD card.

Games definitely run in higher resolution on the monitor but not sure if they are outputed to the pimax display at 1080 and then up to 4k on display.

I have tested with virtual desktop on 2k in extended mode and it looks crisper but if can fins where the resolution is listed. Will confirm. Is it in steamvr ?