Enjoy DSR UpTo 5K 60Hz~!


I’ve tried this out tonight. Set resolution on monitor and game to 2k. Launched game in vr headset. Looks amazing. Can’t say one hundred percent that its 2k resolution but noticeably crisper and brighter. Also tried swapping resolution back to 1080 while on steam desktop. Noticeable difference.
So I think it works in 2k in headset as long as game and monitor is 2k.


It’s in display properties at the bottom check the details.

What kind of monitor do you have?


The steam virtual desktop? How can you get it working in extended mode? Steam VR only works in pimax mode afak.


The monitor resolution change is reflected in the virtual desktop.


Yes but not with extended mode. VR Desktop works in steam. I bought it and the resolution looks terrible when i’m in 1080p. Of course with 2K it will be different.


Not in extended mode in pimax mode. Resolution on desktop set at 2k, seems/looks (not able to verify) like its in a higher resolution in headset.


You mean extended display and pimax mode.
If you want to check if pimax is seen as a 2K monitor, as i said, chek the display properties.
At the bottom of the page you should see details or advanced button, click on it.
You will find there details about adapter monitor etc…It will give you a list of the displays used and the resolution of these displays.

Edit : don’t work, i don’t know what i’ve done.


Many people don’t have this issue.


I thought you can’t use Windows extended display with PIMAX mode? Doesn’t the PIMAX need to be in Extend mode to use Windows extended display?


You are right that’s what i checked but this is not what he said.

In Pimax mode you can’t have extended display because the Pimax is not seen as a monitor.
In extended mode you have 2 monitors. If i check the resolution available for the graphic adapter (amd rx480) for each monitor their are not the same but the max is 1080p for both.

By the way i can’t find the place where both adapters were listed and show only 1080p.

For me it’s done the 2K is available only in extended mode.
And if you select duplicate screen you can see the logo of Pimax in the middle of your screen (not exactly in the middle).


You mean the headset resolution follows the main monitor resolution in pimax mode?

Resolutions available in game have changed?


In the games I tested yes. These were GTA v and dead island run through a SBS injector. So not native vr games. Will have a look tonight to see what options I get there.

I’ve also played around with different resolutions and refresh rate up to 75 hz.

I have a rx480 but still trying to find details or how its listed. On my system it just shows as generic p and p monitor in system report.


I have a rx480 too, you are sure that you don’t use vsr?


I can use vsr, but only on my monitor. There is no display option for the head display (in pimax mode), in extended mode I have it listed but vsr is not available. Out of curiosity is it for you ?

Not had further chance to test today but I believe that if you have your desktop (game) running on 2k (possibly higher) it displays at a higher resolution in the vr unit.


I can use VSR in pimax mode. VSR is just a setting defined with the radeon crimson software then new resolutions are available ingame.
I didn"t try extended games except than the ones provided in piplay for the moment and they don’t give the choice of resolution so i can’t talk for extended mode. That’s my experience for the moment.

By the way the gyro works or don’t work, it drives me crazy.:rage:


What kind of sbs injector did you use?
Perhaps the solution is to use an sbs injector in extended mode and use the non VR version of the game in order to have a 2K resolution.

By the way i’m not sure, due to the extrapolation made by the pimax, that higher résolution is interesting when you have an average graphic card. I’ve got pretty nice result in 1024x768 or 1440x900.


Goodness me. This sounds like a real can of worms.

Also pity the YouTube tutorial is in Chinese. I find it impossible to follow.

After the issues I had with the Oculus runtime, I’m not game to try changing things for now.

If anyone can post an English version of exactly what to do, then I may become game, but trying to interpret what happening in Chinese? No, I don’t think so.

However it is encouraging the the Pimax has the capability. Perhaps the Pimax engineers will pull their finger out and release a new version of the firmeare and software to allow non-geeks to get the best out of Pimax.


I would love to hear from members who tried this method how does it feel for you?
What kind of experience you observe?

May be a good idea to implement pix DSR method natively into PiMAX Software / Drivers, if it produces an interesting results, which based on some of the feedback above, it is indeed doing that. @xunshu

【Discussion】How to support Native 4k resolution

This is an old report.:smile:
When I watch 4K movies, I always try to enjoy the original image quality by setting Pimax resolution to 4K.
It shows picture quality not seen by other HMDs.
In short, it is clear.
However, when I play games, I can only lower the resolution to 2K because of the lag.
My graphics card is Geforce 1060 3g.


@Crony so basically this “hack” works and we can enjoy 4K 60Hz resolution with Pimax 4K usnig this PiX DSR Solution? Only issue, to run games @ 4K at full speed, we need better GPUs :slight_smile:

I hear you right?