Enjoy DSR UpTo 5K 60Hz~!


That’s right~!:relieved:


well @crony I bought brand new ASUS ROG laptop with 1060 GTX 6GB GPU so I believe I wont be able to play smooth 4K either but at least, I will enjoy 2K gaming with PiMAX 4K upscaled to 4K and when I will watch movies I will certainly go full 4K DSR as you do :slight_smile:

As for gaming, did you perhaps tried lower down some graphical settings and see if you can manage smooth 4K DSR gaming with 1060 3G? Some settings may be less important and yet GPU killers…


Now time has passed and pix has been included in piplay. So now simply set up DSR on the Nvidia control panel. That’s it.


Oh wonderful, I am waiting on mine to arrive, soon as it does, will be trying this!


Just ask the forum when you have a problem.
Perhaps the many helping hands that exist in this forum will support you.


Thank you dearly!

PS: PiMAX engineers said their soft optimization taken Ghosting almost completely on the 100xxx (IPS) version. Could you please confirm so? @crony Thanks!


Hi bro, in my case I play games in video mode and apply DSR, depending of the game I set it up between 4K and 5K, but yesterday I found something hidden within Piplay new render engine: making a custom resolution (max 3840x2160) inside nvidia control panel in video mode (extended display) and disable DSR ; it actually works !!! It is like Pimax 4K actually supports native 4K. The visual quality and speed is superb, better than DSR. Try it and share your testing,


@xunshu did you manage to finally add native 4K :slight_smile: ?


Interesting. At the beginning of the release, it was possible to select 4k resolution, but it did not work.
Now if it is working it will be awesome.


@crony pls test, tell us if it works for you too? :slight_smile:


Please consider:

  • When making new custom resolution, select Pimax 4K (not monitor)
  • Disable DSR (nvidia 3d propierties) prior making custom resolution.
  • When you finish your custom resolution NEVER TURN ON DSR, it always has to be DISABLE.
  • Piplay 1.2.95
  • Pimax 4K serial 100…
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@xunshu PiMAX finally enabled 4K Native :slight_smile: ?


@grzvs and it feels more crisp than 4K DSR? Tnx!


Now I understand. You’re talking about custom resolution.
you are right. It works well.
I thought it meant that it appeared at the native resolution.
But, yeh, Recently, I noticed that 144Hz monitors for gaming can select refresh rates the same way.
Obviously, using a custom resolution seems to be more effective.
Thank you~!


@xunshu pls suggest if its indeed native 4K support brought in now :slight_smile: ?


DSR doesn’t have anything to do with the pimax resolution:

Dynamic Super Resolution renders a game at a higher, more detailed resolution and intelligently shrinks the result back down to the resolution of your monitor, giving you 4K-quality graphics on an HD screen."

So it just renders at higher resolution but then shrinks back to 1440p and the pimax then samples it up to 4k. This is NOT the same as 4k native.


Of course it’s not, but you probably missed the fact that the guys above managed to run native none DSR 4K resolution and it worked for them with the latest software…did you see it? @sjefdeklerk


You are right about DSR, but I said it is more effective for custom resolution. This is the method used to set up a gaming monitor that actually has a high refresh rate. In the case of pimax 4k, it is effective because it can set resolution up to 4k resolution as well as refresh rate.
of course This would be a virtual resolution.


Hey guys just for info,


it is a bit outdated but it explain the idea


I’m not sure I understood. Who claims he runs 4k natively ?