Estimate public release date U.K


Hello everybody,

I was wondering when the current best estimate is for the Pimax 8K and 8K X being released for the public to buy?

Also what kind of warranty will we get on it, and how will we return it if it breaks?

One last thing is that I live in the U.K., so will this affect shipping times etc. On the FAQ it says that you will ship to warehouses in the EU, how long will it take from there to the U.K.? Also, how often will these warehouses be restocked, as I imagine after it is first launched there will be a high demand, will there be stock shortages?

Thank you for any answers that can be provided.


Welcome to the Pimax forums!

At present we will need to wait on the results of the closed beta testing. Best guess if all goes well the consumer release might be available for xmas. But atm thats a big maybe. That’s the earliest I can see.

Just watch this topic for uncluttered updates.


That would be a question that @xunshu might know. However its still really to early to say.


Thank you for the very quick reply.

So Christmas as would be probable if everything goes well until then? Will the U.K. get as much stock as anywhere else and probably around the same time?

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Oops sorry, posted this at the same time you replied.


That makes sense, it gives me more time to save up for a Pimax. :slight_smile:


everything up till now is nothing but speculation, even from Pimax. This whole situation is developing dynamically as it happens and impossible to predict reliably. Keep an eye on the forum, hope and pray like the rest of us in the same situation.


That makes no sense. If q2 is the release schedule for Kickstarter backers then why would it be coming in Xmas for retail? I guess if you take into account the fact that they can only make 2k headsets per month they would have all backers receive a headset by November. so which one is it? Q2 or q3 for backers? I hope it’s not December. I was planning on getting a headset this summer by buying it off their website.


Q2 is near end. Sure they might start shipping near the end of June. But you need to consider a couple of months after ks models shipped & rec’d for backer feedback.

Again speculation assuming all goes well.


Jeez. Thought you meant Xmas was for backers. Lol.


How long will they be making 2K a month for, because if they are then I assume it will be ages before the level of stock stabilises so we can actually buy them.


A lot depends on how the closed beta turns out. There’s about 7K backers, so 2-4 months after Pimax starts building headsets in earnest, they will start building units for the general public. I’d say the earliest a non-backer could get an 8K would probably be in August, but that’s assuming there are no more hitches. October or November is much more likely. That’s why I became a backer; I didn’t want to wait until the end of the year.

Also, at least 1 store started taking preorders a month ago, so there may be a long waiting list, by the end of the year. That’s assuming the headset is as good as we hope it is. If it’s not, you’ll probably be able to buy one used, in a few months (if you still want one).


How long do you think it will be until they are in stock, as that sucks for people like me who are still saving up. Could it be 2019 before people like me can buy them?

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I hope it’s not next year. I’d start checking this forum for news, this Summer.