EU based Support?



Any idea when we can expect local EU support yet? Not seeing anything pinned so no news?


Maybe @SweViver knows something?


@PimaxUSA Is there anything you can tell us about this? I am waiting to send my cracked unit back in.


same here, I don’t want to send it back to china or wherever.


As it is now you send it to the UK warehouse.


How long does it take to receive a new headset in Europe?


I am reluctant to RMA mine until I see a fix for the cracking or some one at Pimax says its been fixed and how they fixed it.


That is definitely an issue for me.
I also want to know it is in stock and going to be dealt with immediately. If I cannot have a replacement back in Norway within a couple of weeks then the support is not up to scratch.

Postage from Norway is also expensive, even to the UK, sending the full box back signed-delivery is going to be right on the limit of what they will reimburse. I cannot send it any further.


I’d also really like to know the status of this. Many people who I talk to see this as a big reason not to buy a Pimax device.


i Had to get my unit replaced 3 times.
True is that i live in Uk but for rest of Europe should just be few more days.
Took between one and two weeks to receive my unit from the day i sent it, never had any issue with RMA.