Everspace low fps


Hello all, I have the pimax BE with the oled screen. I just got everspace today and it runs really poorly. I have a i7 paired with a gtx1080. running the latest piplay and graphics drivers are up to date. piplay resolution scaling is at 1. If i try to increase it the game will crash, or will run at about 1 frame every 10 seconds.



looks like your not the only one…


some people in that thread have some ideas but noone has identified exactly whats causing it, as some are fine others major fps issues.



@IsaacB we have tried it, if you set piplay render as 1, and steamvr ss as 100%, it could be fine for playing it(1080Ti,FPS 40). It believe GTX1080 will not be too bad FPS than GTX1080ti.

PC will restart if you have set too high value for piplay or steamvr SS e.g. piplay render set as 2.


game constantly crashes with out of memory error on launch
sometimes it gets to title screen at about 30 fps on a 20180Ti and then crashes