Experience of People Who Purchased a Kickstarter from Another Backer



Hello all,

Recently I have purchased a Kickstarter Pledge from the original owner ([redacted] 5K+) with the PiMaxVR user included in the conversation on the forum, as it seems like that was what was generally done by others who have done similar things.

I first sent a message over Kickstarter on Dec 27th with the corrections to the survey, in addition to the address, to which I got no reply, I have also changed the address in the Kickstarter, though that was much later since on mobile, the option to change the address never showed up.

When contacting them to change the address via the support email that it said to on the forum here, I got a reply saying “Since the original account owner is X and we have shipped the 5K+ headset to him according the survey he filled in.”

(Less relevant to the situation is it sounds like they may have for some reason already shipped based on the language used, though that may just be all lost in translation)

I was wondering if this is similar to the experience of any of the others who have bought backer accounts from others. What did you have to do to verify that you are now the owner of the account?

Also might as well tag the community leaders @Dallas.Hao and @Matthew.Xu . If I need to start a support ticket, I will also do that.

Thank you everyone in advance!


If it is a 5xxx Backer number i doubt they have shipped the unit out. They only shipped ~2000 Units so far and they claim to send by backer order.
Make sure to check your spam folder today many received a second survey today where we had to put in our adress… . Also make sure you write them again support@pimaxvr.com and explain your situation again often as you have noticed it is just a translation problem and it takes a few tries.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please send your request and address to me via message, and I will confirm with support tomorrow for you.

Thank you very much.


There is a support link in the banner. But yes will do what I can to help elevate this.

After making a support ticket post tge ticket number with @Dallas.Hao so he can help get this resolved.

Ah see Matthew has already responded. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah, that’s what confused me as well, and I even asked for clarification “So the headset has already been shipped?”, and they said:

"Hi friend,

We have arranged the headset to be shipped to the overseas warehouse.

Please be advised."

Which, to me, sounds like it’s been shipped already for some reason, which I wasn’t expecting until mid-late January.

Still hesitant to believe that though.

Luckily, even if it already has, I’m still in contact with the original owner and he seems cool enough to do what is needed to help to make sure everything is alright.


I’d say there’s no chance fo a 5xxx headset being shipped at this point, no matter where it’s going.
But one can always hope! :sunglasses:

/ your friend Backer 7xxx :nerd_face:


I have bought 2 pledges from individuals that were the original backers. I went through with the process just as you explained in your first post. The only difference is that after I messaged Pimax through the Kickstarter about all the changes, I did in fact get a message back through kickstarter that everything was updated.

Now I did make the pledge “transfers” BEFORE they started emailing out the Survey Monkey survey to every backer. So after I made the pledge transfers, it was a few weeks later when I got my Survey, my new information was in that survey email so I just had to basically confirm everything and make my choice of headset.

I did this with both pledges.