Extending usb and hdmi cable length


I have read a couple of post and am putting together a solution based on them. I’ll probably screw it up anyway but just want to know in advance if this has a chance of working.

  1. Active hdmi cable 30 ft 4k at 60hz. Here is the link.

I plan on using a 4k compliant coupler into the pimax 4k.

  1. USB repeater 2.0 that uses Ethernet cables to bridge the usb connectors. Plan on using a 30 ft Ethernet cable if I can find one. Here is a link.

So, what did I do wrong in advance? Should I expect any loss of quality in the display? Thanks.

Pimax 4K headset not recognized in piplay

I have this device:
cable lengths without additional power supply of about 10 meters
possibly with additional power and you can do more but everything here is limited by the quality of the cable.


I saw this on ebay It supports 4k at 60hz with no power up to 82 feet. Can this be right? https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digital-Connecter-Passthrough-Bandwidth/dp/B01HQQHOB8/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1516216780&sr=1-3&keywords=hdmi+repeater+4k+60hz


I can not say anything about your module since it’s just another Chinese clone and how they work I do not know!
I gave a link to the product that I have and I know for sure that it works with a pimax.
I showed him the transfer at a resolution of 2.5k to 8 meters without
additional power supply with 2 cables 3 meters (hdmi 2.0) + 5 meters
(hdmi 2.0)


Update for those doing research. I got it to work with 50 ft cables. Here is what I used with my pc running a 1080 ti and i9 processor.

I made sure every component could run 4k at 60 hz which includes the repeater. You can daisy chain fiber cables with another 50 as long as you have a repeater. The usb 3 cable came with a power supply which helps power the headset. If you don’t plug it in it will not work. So there you go. All I need are padded walls and health insurance. lol


Does this set up replace the original 1.4dp and power cable that comes with the pimax ? i received the 8k but the pins were bent. Can you provide cheap links to a cable (s) that can replace the one that was broken ? It might be ages before pimax send me out a replacement, Im not interested in a long cable… just t replace as close as possible the original one.

Thank you in advance.


The pimax 4k cable was not removable. This post was about extending hdmi & usb cables using a repeater or 2.

The 5k+ & 8k use a propietary cable connector on the hmd that is removable.