Extension cable issues



I posted a lot of whys and how tos at the Odyssey+ thread that may help you with your question. It should pretty much cover everything you need to know concernig your question. Grab a cup of Coffee and browse through and in 10mins you are Set :slight_smile:


I have tried all 4 ports on the pc and a powered sub hub with both the 3 and 5 metre extensions to no avail.
I will definately look through the information recommended to see if any cables stand out as possible solutions.
Have we had an estimation on the planned date of release for the 10 metre cable from pimax?


I am also unable to extend the USB for my pimax5k. I have tried the following cables with no success.
Any help in finding a working cable would be appreciated

These 5 cables wouldn’t even allow the pimax to connect. USB device failed error
Tried all ports. Pimax connected directly would work perfectly. Plug extension cable into that same working port and it can’t even find the pimax.

This next one worked but it had tracking issues and poor sound



usb3 Y cable for extra power might help


The power for Pimax is drawn from the separate PSU it is not powered over USB port. I would avoid any cable which has a split to avoid additional interference from the joint.


Just an anecdotal experience which might be useful: I wanted to extend the USB cable of my Vive. I tried two cables, one probably 10 years old, SteamVR even did not start correctly.

The second one (I got with the XBox One controller) worked fine only when connected to my keyboard USB hub! It did not work reliably (loss of tracking after few minutes) in any port (USB2, USB3 both gen1 and gen2) of my new shiny motherboard. Ironically the keyboard was connected to the very same USB port on my PC which did not work with the cable.

So I would suggest, while you are at it, try any USB port you find around, as some might have the signals in better shape than the others. Or you may consider “active USB” cable, which basically integrates a repeater. This should theoretically help with the signal integrity, but I have not experience with those.


Appreciate that but some power is used by active cables


Alright, I kind of missed @Rhodan already mentioned the active cables in his dilemma as well. But even then, I would let the original USB port to power the cable and would not complicate it with the split (for the same reason). The repeater itself should easily fit into even USB 2.0 power profile (500 mA), USB3 can supply even more.


We don’t know but the USB 5v might still power up some parts in the headset, so the powered hub might help, emphasis on might.


This will be very strange and quite risky design, having too completely separated power planes from different sources for each voltage. But with Pimax, one never knows. If they wanted to save on 5V regulator…


Well they saved on the proximity sensor :beers:
Just kidding.


I have tried active USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables with power adapters and passive 3.0 cables. Also plain usb cables. I have tried all ports on 3 PCs all with different motherboards. Note- The original vive breakout box works with a plain 10ft usb 2.0 cable


I tried the Y cable to get rid of the sparkles , just thinking it might create possibly a better earth , it didn’t seem to make any difference although it’s almost impossible to be sure as the sparkles come and go .,
Even powering the headset from the psu they appear ever so slightly now and again


I guess I need to better read the post I am replying to next time. But what you experience is indeed strange. I would expect that some of the active cables would work and that they would at least somewhat work. Not being able even to start the headset seems like there is a complete garbage coming over the USB.

I wonder have you tried a real USB 2.0 port? I mean not USB 2.0 labeled port in your PC which is just managed by the same chip as the other USB 3.0 ports, but an old USB 2.0? I am just thinking that maybe the headset is negotiating USB 3.0 speeds, but for some reason they do not run well over those extension cables, but if forced to USB 2.0 it may work. But probably not a long term solution :frowning:


I used a pci-e to usb3 expansion card in one pc to get windows mixed reality to work without the sound going weird every so often



I use a 3 meter Amazon Basics USB3 extension cable. Might not be enough for you, but it’s fine for my setup. Maybe you can use two of them in series.


just tryed a extension (nearly) succesfull
the DP extension was earlier confimed to work
DeLock DisplayPort 1.2 4K 60 Hz 7.5 m, model 84906, ASIN:B07HQ9TYQ3
!!!but it does not reliable, it did at first but after 2-3 hours and a few plug/unplug it only shows a picture on the pimax in ~10% of the cases - even if pitools show everything ok all the time) !!!
i now ordered the 3m version from the same brand (model 83811), lets see if that works

the usb extension is … a unpowerd >5 years old usb 2.0, 5m extension
ATEN UE-250, seems to be availible on amazon for about 15 bugs
lucky accident, @work we had that thing unused around for years and i took it home for testing with my new pimax (without much hope that it would to the trick)

so its if usb problems arise, its not about usb 3.x or the reduced power of the extension (hub), the aten i used is just a plain 2.0 and reduces the usb power that arrives at the hmd by the amount the repeater/hub consumes

reliablility of usb has really declines since 3.0 and never got better


after a week there are no problems with the ATEN UE-250
i even took two ue-250 and extended the pimax cable by 10m (just the usb) and it did work without problems

edit: after reading a litle about DP anything beyond 5m seems to be a gamble with just normal cable or even a extension (additional plugs degrade signal futher)
but there seem to be active cables like this

so it seems possible to bridge 15m-20m
(i need just 2-3m and if my ordered 3m DP cable works i will not test further)


Hi. Did you find a working solution?
Would you please share it?


so together with the 5m cable (also DeLock) DrWilken tested its possible to get a full 5m extension, the 7.5m extension did not work and I’d expect the same from a (passive) 10m extension, so the limiting factor is DP cable