Extremely buggy tracking on arrival, now headset won't even connect to pc


As the title suggests, I am not having much luck lately.
Upon arrival and setting up the headset, the tracking was frequently cutting out, and only occasionally working consistently for maybe 2-3 minutes at a time before losing tracking again. Even lightly touching the sides of the headset would also cause it to instantly lose tracking.
After getting frustrated and leaving it alone for a week or so, I’ve come back to continue troubleshooting, only to find PiTool is no longer even detecting the headset. Error code 30000, does not change regardless of which cables are plugged in, or if I turn the headset off and on.
I am on the verge of sending this thing back at this point.

Edit: I managed to connect the device by resinstalling all the pimax and steamvr drivers, however the buggy tracking issue remains.


Are you using Vive base stations or just internal gyro? If using bases make sure it or they are at least 2 meters distance from the center where you headset is. Make sure they are able to see each other and set to b and c.
If touching the headset is causing cut outs of tracking you might want to open a support ticket. My 5K+ is cracking and separating at the corner near the power button. If I squeeze it too hard the hmd turns off. Awaiting the Sept 16 announcement before I RMS it.