Extremely Dissapointed - Utterly Poor Shipping Policy leads to loss of headset


Greetings to all, I am a fellow backer of pimax hardware, an early 4K BE owner and backer, decided to buy the 5K+ with handmotion, but extremeley dissapointed with pimax and their amateur approach on some crucial aspects like “shipping”,

They send my headset with an utterly poor company named “aramex”, and some clever guys from pimax shipping department declared the price of the headset as 80USD on customs paper, now my country customs thought that was a fraud/etc and confiscated the goods, I was waiting with great patience and willing to pay the custom taxes etc and get my headset , but their extremely amateur approach on this, led the officials to identify the package as fraud etc, Now I am trying my best to overcome the bureucracy and fix things up, but there is a high possibility of that package is going to be confiscated, and I am going to be charged with a lot of additional charges etc, just because of an error that one chinese guy made in hong kong. If I cannot solve the issue there, I demand a new shipment of Pimax 5K+ with handmotion, and this time put the real price on the custom declarations papers guys! WHat you did is simply against the laws! And please use a decent company like DHL, FEDEX, etc. DO not ever try to send it with “aramex”, which is the upmost awful cargo service that you could ever find. We invested in some high tech equipment costs several hundres of USDs, almost thousand. I tend to expect a top quality service when I think about the money I invested in that, but I ended up with a major problem that leads to this status. Please provide me with a solution and send my shipment again, and this time please use decent documentation etc. And a little addition; I gave my address three times to you guys, and you still manage to get my zipcode all wrong, and the package has my address on it, but with a different city !!! . I am extremely, UTTERLY irritated and dissapointed with this approach, I am more than %100 percent regretting right now. And demand a replacement ASAP, in case if I cannot take my headset from the customs. WARNING : This is not a customs fee pay etc kind of a problem, I was more than ready to pay all the taxes, VATs, etc and my country’s legal fees that requires me to pay to take my package, I was totaaly ready and willing to do that, but this problem is completely different, this problem occured because of the fake pricing and fake declaration of the value! I dont have any relation with this and I am not responsible for this problem. Pimax should replace this ASAP with a decent and according to the international customs law type of approach…I am veeeery dissapointed to see such behaviour from Pimax…

My order number is : P123004

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That’s awful. Just wondering as it’s not clear in your post are customs saying YOU are the one that tried to fraud customs?

Why would they charge you all kinds of “extra fees” over something you had no control?

Make custom aware you are NOT the shipper and therefore NOT responsible for Pimax errors or fraudulent declaration.

Pimax are the ones responsible for shipping and are the one’s that broke your countries laws so they are the one’s that should be dealing with this…not you.


I don’t work for Pimax Frath but that 80 described I feel like a typo and they meant to type 800USD based on currency conversion? as no valid sense would indicate as to why they would purposely tag it as just 80. Definitely sry to hear about your situation though. Hope the good gang can assist you in getting straighten out for sure


what is your order number and ticket number ?


Thank you for the reply, please read my update below, tahnks and have a wonderful day :smiley:


Dear Big Serge, no I dont think that it would be a typo because most of the time china suppliers tend to do this to trick the customs. I already checked the declaration papers and it is written 80 USD on multiple documents.


Thank you for the reply dear Derek, please read my update below, thanks :smiley:


This is my first time here in pimax forums so I am sorry if my posting is not the ideal way that it should be.


I have my package at last!

I filled some official forms that show me that I am not the responsible one and I am also not a commercial individual / anybody trying to fraud the customs so I could sale the headset here etc, anyways, long story short, I had to get busy with customs and fill some official papers to be able to get the package, and I had to pay a couple of USD more , other than official taxes, I finally get my headset, but the whole process took a while and it was not pleasant at all… I had to pay approx. 100 USD more just because of that mediocre shipping company they are using, and that 80USD fraud.

Lessons & Suggestions

  1. First of all, do not ever try to trick the customs and officials, please dont mislead the officials. Just write the exact amount of the product within the package.
  2. I bought the 5k+ and handmotion together, but got only the headset, the problem with this, is, the total amount had been taken from my credit card and I had to pay for tax etx for the entire package, but still waiting for the handmotion, and when I finally get the handmotion module, the customs probably going to ask me for the taxes and there is no way I can declare the necessary documents to the customs right before they get my package on their hands, so pimax did such a wrong thing here by selling handmotion and headset as a bundle first, and then just send the headset, and tell that handmotion will be send later. This is a high grade electronics unit and it is promising, but these kind of bad approaches destroys all the possible chances that pimax could have against the other big brands like HTC VIVE, OCULUS, SAMSUNG, LENOVO etc… I am terribly sorry because NEglish is not my main language, but I hope I made myself clear. I would reconsider thinking buying from pimax again in the future. That amateur approach of the pimax, has stained my experience with them, from now on, I am going to be more cautious about when I am buying from them. I hope receiving the handmotion module wont become another drama. Thank you to all of you guys who took care of this problem or show this topic to the pimax people. I hope the best for everyone out there.


Congratulation sry you had to jump through some hoops and def happy to see you are all set. Hope you are happy with the HMD as most of us are.

And yes unfortunately as it stands the official version of the motion controllers just got announced and based on the info released, you are looking at any time frame after July this year