Eye tracking module and Foveated Rendering


Haha. Yeah I was going to say that. My point was “If” the final prototype is perfect Linus would say so


Hyping up a technoligy like eye tracking, which the industry itself recognizes isn’t ready for prime time is unwise IF it ends up being half assed.

If only backers could contribute to the discussion, it might stifle the product. As it stands right now, the community being open to ideas is a very positive thing.


If it is even somewhat passable and I don’t have to pay a cent more than I already have to because it hits the 3mil mark then it’s not like i’ll complain. If anything, I’ll be more appreciative that I can get it. Mindset and circumstance can change perception. The way I see it, if it comes via the stretch goal, I lose nothing even if it turns out to be crapware.

What will suck is if we fall short of the 3mil and I have to pay for it only to find out it is half assed…Then I’ll get annoyed.


Jay might be a good youtuber to check, but seriously, screw Linus.

Linus believes VR is a gimmick. I watch the Wan Show every week. They are not a channel that cares about VR, they dont know much about it. At least Jay and Jerry both own VR rigs and HMDs.

The reason we asked for tested is because they have been involved with testing VR devices since DK1. They are trusted reviewers when it comes to VR.


Nowhere has PiMax said that any of the extra modules would ship with the headset. The only possible exception might be the hand tracker. All of these extra modules are building future proofing into the headset. wireless tech is not ready for prime time and neither is eye tracking. That does not mean that they should not offer it as a free add on when it does become available. Also it gives Pimax some incentive to keep developing improvements. putting their ass on the line so to speak.


That’ exactly the wrong thing to do. If you want to bring more awareness, you need to reach out to the non technical folks on YT. Only a selected few cars about all the things you mention. All the masses wants to know is if it looks nice and can they pc run it. The rest if for the geeky guys like us.


Thats just it though. “Somewhat passable and free” sends the message of being half assed and half baked.

At this point, eye tracking is a glorified mouse pointer, and you can already get the benefits of the more abitious aspects like Foveated rendering using various conventional techniques, without it.

I guess if its free, thats one thing, but free doesnt inspire perception of quality.

If eye tracking were integrated, at least then, devs and companies would have incentive for adoption, so I see the relevance of that argument, but since even university eye tracking setups aren’t 100% I dont see the rationale practically speaking, beyond adoption for its own sake.


Pimax have set some lofty goals and since we won’t be getting anything close to the 8K-8K X anytime soon we must board the boat and hope it’s not the Titanic.


Being modular means that even if version 1 turns out not so great… We can purchase a better version if they ever come up with one. It’s a stretch goal so technically it isn’t actually free, buts since it isn’t additional to what I have already pledged does it matter ?

I’ll be paying for a decent one when it is available anyway whether it is this iteration or the next. You can’t improve if you never try or never fail. If this version somehow helps improve the next then why hinder the progress ? Not many people get it perfect on their first attempt…but there always has to be a first attempt at some point.

On the flip side it might be decent.

If Occulus had waited til they had the perfect headset then we would still be waiting.


True. except the titanic would not have sank had the captain heeded the available advice and changed course. Pimax will do just fine. Over $2M will go a long way in getting things done.


And when Titanic sank, the world kept revolving and safety practices were changed to adapt for better safety for the rest of the community…But the situation with eye tracking isn’t nearly as dramatic…unless someone’s eye explodes.


I know the modules wont ship with tye HMD. That being the case, what incentive does Pimax have for offering free modules for tech thats not ready?

Im all for expandability and future proofing, but we dont even know who the partener companies are for these modules (except for Leap motion.)

If Pimax hypes everyone up with promises of wireless, eye tracking, etc. and gives underdeveloped tech away for free, it has the potential to sour the milk.

This is a kickstarter campaign. Its better for Pimax to deliver quality where it can 1st.

Do you remember how long it took the 4k to get semi polished and working? In many ways, its still like a dev kit.

Im anticipating that the 8k might have similar growing pains. So, no, im not trying to be a killjoy or anything, I just want Pimax and backers to keep their feet on the ground vis expectations.

When Oculus was just a startup, the DK2 was the original initial design spec of CV1. The Facebook acquisition meant we got a huge improvement ie Crescent Bay, and people still bitch that CV1 sucks.

Pimax needs to focus on delivering right what it can, and not over promising.


You underestimate the power of the force young padawan.:grin:


I’m not saying “never try,” I’m saying “I know who is trying, and that they all still have work to do.”

Its all well and good to have a try and see attitude with hobbyists and tinkerers, I agree, but not as a startup, under an intense amount of pressure to prove itself as a company.


Im saying “do or do not there is no try,” when one is a startup in a very cutthroat constantly evolving industry.


Very much agreed on this. Pimax needs to show quality. The eye tracker is guaranteed going to fail/cause problems and headaches and will not contribute to a positive Pimax branding. Quite the contrary. I’d highly suggest to forget about this and take a look again in a few years when the technology is a bit more mature.


They are trying to use this Kickstarter to promote their product… People backed the DK1 and DK2 yet dropped support for them after what…2-3 yrs for newer better models ? Pimax haven’t hyped up anything. All they promised was a voucher for wireless and inclusion of eye tracking they never implied anything else or even quality.

I would imagine a lot of people are backing mostly based of the reviews that are coming out of the demonstrations… Apart from the super early ones who would have backed regardless.


The main problem here is that it needs to be perfect in order for it to work. Even if it works 97% of the time, I think people wouldn’t use it because looking at out of focus rendered screen 3% of the times will suck. And it’s extremely hard to make it work 100%. At best this will be some gimmick. More realistically, it will cause damage to the Pimax brand


C’mon, Pimax branding took a hit with the BE incident and the 4k woes…Their core product is the base hmd… The peripherals are interchangeable…so can be updated and revised. I believe most people are buying for the hmd…the peripherals are a bonus.

Except quality comes with more testing cycles, more money and better quality hardware. I would assume the equivalent of quality would be what VaIve or rift are doing.

If so best buy from them…The problem in business is that if everyone is targeting the same goals, little will change and things will stay at a standstill whilst everyone optimizes exactly what they have. Pimax doing this puts pressure on the ‘quality’ based players to find a way to stay competitive for features whilst maintaining quality. I see Pimax as a driving force for change here. Otherwise Oculus and Vive would have tried to maintain the status quo and seek to increase their profits whilst lowering manufacturing costs for their exact same products… (especially as HTC is floundering financially)


Yes, but as you are no doubt aware, folks dont read, and they dont often think critically about a product they purchase. They get stuck on the hype train.

Ive already seen the damage being done 1st hand when ive been on bigscreen with people talking about the Pimax. Ive heard people saying

“its so great. It does native 4k, eye tracking, 200 degrees of FOV.” thinking that this is what they will actually get for $499.

These people ask “how can I get that native resolution on a 1070?”

Its a concern when the Basic real world specs and how the product actually functions are being overshadowed by people with unrealistic expectations based on vouchers and marketing.

Now, thats fine for the individuals who purchase based on bad assumptions to do it, but it will hurt Pimax as a company when marketing smoke clears.