Eye tracking module and Foveated Rendering


You do make a fair point. Yet I’m hoping myself that pimax is going for innovation AND quality. If they don’t go for quality from now on, that might keep people from buying their products in the future. Check this forum quite a few 4k users are skeptical of the 8k because of what they experienced in the past. I think for any company to be succesful, basic quality (in the sense that products do well what they’re designed to do) must be a key aspect.


That’s the thing indeed


Pimax shot themselves in the foot by calling their products Pimax 4k (really upscaled 1080p and then 1440p later),…and then Pimax 8k…(not really 8k…not native resolution capable)… Pimax 8k X (native resolution…but probably not completely feasible in all circumstances in the present now). If you are worried about Pimax and expectations…then you are already talking about the wrong company. Remember the advertised microphone that wasn’t on the 4k ? Truth is if people don’t do their own research before they cough up their hard earned money that is on them. A lot of information is there for those who are not lazy.


This cycle will not change until a clear leader comes to completely wipe the floor with something that makes everyone drop everything just to try to catch up. By that stage, that innovator will have opportunity to fine tune their product.

Don’t get me wrong. I am ‘hopeful’ for the best bang for buck I can get… and if that means extra peripherals without paying more, then you’ll have to forgive me. The high fov and higher resolution was the only reason I signed up and that is where I want them to focus their time and energy quality wise. As I said…peripherals are replaceable and upgradable so mishaps there can be forgiven.


You’re point is basically: look at what Pimax has done so far, you can barely call this a company that thinks highly of ‘quality’. You’re undeniably right there. Maybe Pimax’s strength is not so much quality but innovation. Food for thought indeed.


I’m saying that they are doing the best they can and keeping the price as low as they can. That can come at the cost of quality. Right now I suspect that they are hoping that their push forward will give people something that the others aren’t aiming to offer at the moment. My guess is that the other big 2 aren’t likely to offer anything close to the 8k X for another 2-3 years.


Still you can’t call pimax a price fighter anymore when the 8k X package is over $1000. But that’s ok, I don’t think they should be price fighting at all, but focus on innovation, that’s indeed key here.


I don’t get the issue you have with quality. I have both a 4k and a BE. I find the quality to be fine. there was some issue with the software when I bought it but that was very quickly resolved with firmware and software revisions. It’s even better with the Driver4VR. i don’t even have to open Pimax software to use the headset. I agree that they should not sit on their laurels with the 8k. there is always room for improvement but I’m pretty confident that the pimax team is aware of the stakes.


Nice come back comment VRGIMP27, I was going to heart you for that but then I realized I don’t agree with you on this particular issue, yet your opinion and the discussion is important and I appreciate that for what it is, if that makes any sense at all?

  • Renderer that didnt work well for over a year
  • No hardware IPD causing huge eye strain because people with IPD <> 62 need to look cross sighted
  • The issue where they sold 4k units with 1440p panels without telling anyone
  • Lots of people who had dust on their panels
  • Build quality rather low
  • They seem to release software without even testing. Several times a release wasn’t even loading.

Come on, you can’t compare this to Rift or Vive, in terms of quality


8K X package is just less than $1k
Personally I think if Occulus or HTC did an equivalent product it would be costing significantly more. Which is why I don’t think they will try to compete with this straight out the gate til they find an edge or upper hand with a different innovation.


Well price fighters sell their products because they’re cheaper than their competition. The Pimax 8k X is probably now the most expensive headset out there. Which is ok, since you get tons of innovation. But this is not a price fighter. BTW including shipping I paid over $1000 for my earlybird version.


I think VRGIMP27 is very important to this community… And the information and arguments he documents is very useful for people to know if they take the time to read it. Everyone is entitled to form their own decisions based on the information though.


Ive been on the forum since the start, so yeah, I remember.

@sjefdeklerk tried to reverse engineer the 4k’s panel to force native resolution, anf I found the software tool that opened the 1st door to 1440p native on the 4k.

So yeah, I remember. Thats why I want Pimax not to make the same dumbass mistakes.


I have a vive too FWIW. I came to the pimax party late in the game so perhaps by the time I got mine those issues were ironed out already. I agree the thing was not exactly plug & Play but I go back to the early apple II days when everything had to be tinkered with to get it to work so maybe I’m just used to it.:grinning:


Sorry I forgot that others had different shipping costs…I still think the competitors would have cost more if they did an equivalent product. But yes, Pimax have reached a higher price bracket now. But from the sounds of the reviews things are heading in the right direction at least from the hmd standpoint.


Thanks for that :slight_smile: Definitely appreciated.


This is why I tend to expect growing pains after release. But to their credit, they worked with the community to try to improve things. Which is why I decided to back them in spite of the woes.


That’s certainly true. I’m also in no way trying to downplay Pimax, quite the contrary. I just thought of what you said and I agree, Pimax is much more an innovator than a quality focused company. Pretty much like Samsung vs Apple nowadays (where Samsung tends to release innovation earlier on but Apple mostly releases higher quality, although this is a generalization of course)


Glad we finally agree on something :slight_smile: