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It would be nice to build a tool with an in vr user interface for advanced users to share lens undistort profiles.

Similar apps have been made swiftly to adjust chaperone for steam vr when vive first launched. It’s not uncommon for advanced user tools to be released. Crowd sourcing something like this might solve problems for individuals who can find a profile good for them for the way they wear their headset, and distance lens is from a users eyes.


A response of the tech team would be nice, i realy love this Headset everything is so perfect for me, expect this missing 3-4 mm.


I got some eye strain yesterday for the first time, but I feel it was because the headset doesn’t stay put with the current strap when playing more vigorous games in particular and that was causing alignment issues. I can race and fly for hours without problem. Playing Golf Club VR was problematic as the headset doesn’t want to stay put and I attribute that to the eye strain for myself at least. I raced and flew for several hours without issue today. IPD 66.7
DAS coming Weds.


With an IPD of 64 at lowest settings 59.x, I am also having some kind of weird eye strain although not so bad, but not comfortable for the eyes. Tried my real IPD, even worse.

I believe sweet spot is still not big enough to accommodate mistakes, and lenses are not supporting advertised IPD range. I did my best with vertical allignments, tried various facapads from vr cover and Vive but than distortions on both the edges become so much more apparent. Btw, distortions wirh latest beta drivers are not a big deal at all!

Looks like a new lens upgrade should be introduced. Hopefully, Pimax would come up with an upgrade


something simple would be nice (i jested ) linear graphs would be nice something that could be changed like a wavy line ipd ,focal distance ,not sure about distorsion ,contrast would be nice also


Could the community get a response with an actual solution to address low IPD users with 55mm IPD being unable to get clarity in both eyes and having to sell their preorder and backer headsets? Thats at least 5mm less than the minimal supported IPD and 5mm short of the minimal IPD outlined on the kickstarter product specifications. (60mm/70mm is the minimal IPD current headsets can go down to.)

Also a response on an actual solution to address the eye strain issues reported unanimously by 6+ backers all with over 60mm IPD testing each others headsets, which has also caused preorders and backers to sell their headsets after extensively trying to make them fit properly to not cause eye strain and get a clear image in both eyes and still being unable to use them?

Polls are also showing a fairly large amount of backers are experiencing eye strain with 64mm or less IPD, currently more users, than those not experiencing eye strain.

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Because I took my DAS for the Pimax I did not used my OG Vive since a while (around two months). Today I made a dirty mod to adapt the lenovo headstrap to the Vive and just have a look.
OMG, it is extremly ‘comfortable’ for the eyes. Of course the SDE rush at you like a full speed train, but the colors are so… ‘Vive’ ;/. The lack of FOV is not what annoy me the most. The big SDE is pretty annoying but it depends on what you play. I made that mod so I can play Eleven table tennis again because with the Pimax, for unknown reason, it is like if I would be a newbie (I have many RL years of practice). I don’t know if it is something related to the eye strain/distorsion confusing my brain, or something wrong about the tracking but the Vive is doing a much better job for that game. Too bad, I thought that a wider fov would be a help for that game but it is clear that we are still in research time.


do you guys have a world scale problem? for me everything is about 20% bigger than with my other headsets.


For me in Elite Dangerous, the world seems to be about 10% too small. My opinion is based on the size of the pilot’s arms and hands.


What do you think causes the world to get distorted and become fish eye like with increased object sizes on some headsets but not on others? Could it have been a defective batch or a batch with a bad version of firmware loaded onto it?


I think some of that might be caused by increasing the face-pad thickness, like many users have done. I’m only using the 14mm pad which came with my 8K.

As for the “increased object sizes”, that might be a game-specific issue. I don’t really know. I’ve mostly played Elite Dangerous, but I also have played Titanic VR and Simple VR Video Player. None of these seem to exhibit a scale problem. (I’m assuming that ED’s “pilot arms look a little too small” isn’t actually an issue and would look like that on other headsets, but I don’t own any other headsets, so I can’t do any comparison testing.)


Elite has had this problem from way back in 2014.


I got a response from support who suggested they will take a look at some HMDs and see if the problem is an assembly line issue. If not they will look into a software fix. Failing that and over the longer term a possible hardware revision.

Before you raise the pitchforks. Don’t read into that last part too much because of no specific details being provided. Yes it would suck to have to purchase a new headset if it came to that.

I have suggested to them that if this is something the end user could possibly fix or send in to be adjusted, then that is a more favorable approach. Let’s just hope they can get it sorted either way.

@Dallas.Hao - due to how many users are interested in this particular topic of discussion it would be beneficial if an announcement was made rather than my comment. Although I understand it might be quite difficult to make a statement when nothing is concrete at this stage. Obviously you do not want to raise peoples hopes too much or promise stuff that might not happen. Or have to deal with those who believe they deserve a replacement at no extra cost to themselves just because.


as you see in this video, it is realy easy to take of the lenses and face foam holder https://youtu.be/m2IHzSVmWhM?t=8170 , so if they come up with a fix, a new lenses set would be also possible, i would also pay for new lenses if they could fix the IPD problem


Ahh cool so does that mean nothing mechanical needs to be changed. A slightly adjusted lens could do the trick? I guess shipping two new lenses wouldn’t be that expensive or hard.


i think so, if you look at the lenses there is some space between of the edge of the lense and the middle of the circles. But i’m not a glasser or something like that. It looks just like if you could move the middle of the circles more to the edge.


The Lens design is where the cost comes in. R&D we were around $50,000/ lens iteration. Meaning that a future lens can be made but will likely be a high retail cost vs say a Vive gearVR lens mod due to custom lenses.

At a guess might be $200 to $250/set. And will take time for the company to get to being green to go this route.

Now a small FoV lens mod might be easy for a dyi. (Maybe especially if distortion profile opened up)


thats a good idea and should be realy cheap in production, just cut some mm off, add a adapter to fit in lenses hole and fixed it with the right profile. espacially because the lenses are realy easy to remove.


The lenses are plastic, a good jigsaw should be able to cut threw it


I also received a reply on the IPD, blur, eye strain and warping issue I have with my 5k+. They have asked if I would send it back to them. I’ve agreed. Just waiting on instructions on how to do so.