Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Interesting. I find the that 14mm facepad that came with my 8K is close to ideal. Adding thicker padding creates distortion.


Using 2 face pads 18+11mm but they are really soft and when wearing headset the are close to 15mm.
Hoping replacement becomes available quick here in UK.


I think with these headsets a focus adjustment is needed due to facial profiles affecting eye distance to lens. With these lense not beimg conventional in Design. The flat side of the pimax lens has a convex near the yoke center. This will make measuring center translate different than a conventional lens designed for Parallel screen.


I disagree Helio, the angled screens should be taken care of in the lens and should not be a cause of eye strain, otherwise what is the point of the angled screens? Personally, I think the eye strain is being caused by the distortion of the lens. The distortion changes and confuses our eyes to not focus correctly, the more you move your eyes the more they are forced to re-focus. This is clearly very tiring for our eyes. Just looking at a very simple pattern in my headset, like the chaperone bounds for example. This is a test that everyone can do. Look at the ground, I have set mine to blue just for testing for example, and watch as you slowly move your headset, versus your eyes. This distortion to me is the reason for the eyestrain. It sort of gets lost when looking at a moving scene, but your eyes are still fighting to try and focus simply because they see an area that is not quite right. Add the impact of an in properly set IPD and it makes matters much worse…


I believe you are not objective at all. I believe and see everyday this issue is a design flaw like the distortion problem. Just some people did not figure it out, or did not report it does not mean the majority does not have IPD problem. You assume too much. In reddit, in youtube, here, everyday more and more people started reporting this. You can continue of course trying to showcase this issue like a minority, but it is not!


Read my posts pls. This issue is same with my friends Pimax. Different patch, same issue. Great consistency on manufacturing fault right? C’mon guys, pls this getting really funny. No need to be a fanboy, we have to put every plus and minus of this product.


The lenses are designed to accommodate angled displays just like they are in Xstal(formerly HeroVR & the now defunct StarVR. The distortion rendered if all the variables factor in properly the eyes see a non distorted view. In cases like projectors (movie & overhead) a min of 2 lenses is used. 1 compresses & thus distorts the image, the 2nd lens typically the same lense installed in reverse projects a non distorted enlarged picture. However this is not always a 100% say in projectors so you have adjustments like keystone.

Now a headset has 1 set of lenses & relies on software to generate the distorted image for the lense to display.

Now why amgled displays? Simple need to angle the displays for wide FoV until curved lenses & displays can be developed. To increase FoV the display needs to get closer to the side of the head. The difficulty is the lens is made looking for a prefered distance to eyes. If this is out +/- outside of a in/out left/right the headset will not work as intended. Now add Display position not calibrated properly with the other & affects other variables & also results in focus/convergence issues.


Well I & others disagree. But do agree you are not objective as you do not consider other variables that could be affecting your experience & you ignore that the majority that have ipd values similar or same with no issue strongly points to the 2 headsets vs 1000s+ are possibly (2+) defective. Simple statistics. But I have many friends with ADHD that have tunnel vision issues.(no that is not an insult but a common condition)


Your right cables being faulty isn’t a consistancy with manufacturing in a variety of batches must be a design fault & not a quality issue (hint sarcasm)


Read your posts. Still doesn’t change the fact that there have been plenty of users with average IPDs that have indicated that they are having good results with the headset. Pointing out that simple fact has nothing to do with being a fanboy. There are without question several minuses to the product (i.e. poor black levels, distortion at edges, inconsistent software performance, random tracking issues) I have no doubt that you are experiencing what you are just like I have no doubt that those who reported not having these issues are not just ignoring the issue for some reason or don’t actually know their real IPD. That simply means that there is something else going on beyond just a fundamental design problem. But you are free to believe what you like.


My IPD is 59.5, with the slider at the smallest value I do indeed get a clear image. The HMD positioning on my head does matter though. If I get it exactly positioned even the distortion on large fov is 98% eliminated down to a tiny sliver on either side maybe .2 degrees.


I believe you guys are not objective enough, and eyestrain been reported by signaficantly important number of people. so far.

Soon It will be as clear as distortion issue.

Of course you can continue neglecting it, try to show it like it is a minor issue, or manufacturing problem.


Well, I and many other disagree with your theories as well.

We believe we are majority, you believe you are…


I’ve fitted literally hundreds of people. I start by getting the person to simply move the slider until it’s as clear as possible by asking them to focus on small details in their central view. Then I get them to hold the headset by the lens cover area (not the sides or you block the side sensors) and slowly move the hmd left, right up and down focusing on the center and then the edges. In a few cases I found that tightening or loosening the fit also makes a difference. I can get the average person very, very happy with the various aspects of the image.

So I can say from a lengthy experience that with careful adjustments you can achieve a nice image with low or no eye strain. Therefore I can say I do indeed totally disagree with a fair amount of your assertions.

You often see similar claims on the Vive, Oculus and Samsung forums as well - I think it comes down to just people are different, different head shapes, eye structure and even different sensibilities.


With your ipd being 59.5. A Soft ipd slider as suggested prior to Kickstarter in settings as a fine tuning for lower ipds & perhaps really wide ipds. Beyond & below hard lens settings.


We do need to be careful not penalizing honest opinions as this is not the teams way & only serves to make pimax look bad. Fishfingers quoting what was said comes to mind.


As mentioned in another post, I also have eye strain.

I have a Vive OG and have had a Rift (consumer version) and Vive Pro.
I could go for hours with any of those.

My IPD is 66 measured by an optometrist and checked last week at my normal eye exam. Clocking 66 on all of the above headsets worked as expected.

I have the 5k (@Heliosurge please add me to the early backers - #4912).
I have tried most of the suggestions listed - more foam, less foam, tilting, etc. to resolve eye strain, clarity, and distortions. I have tried a ton of IPD settings as well.

The .111 driver made the outside distortions better and increased clarity for me.

Setting IPD to 62 and 61 helps with clarity, but to keep it with the padding the nose is way too narrow (and I have a pretty narrow nose). It leaves some severe indents in my nose is very uncomfortable.

I get eye fatigued pretty quickly with all of the settings I have tried.

I am hoping I can find a solution.


It is really sad to see you guys keep saying same things to VR veterans who own several VR headsets before Pimax all over these years.

I myself not just a VR enthousiast but also a 3d movie video editor. Funny to hear someone telling me how to arrange facepads, straps, etc… I literally tried maybe more than 100 hmds so far, and have a huge collection and spent a fortune

But no big deal, this issue is also being discussed on other platforms.

I will no longer reply so often to anyone who continues to dare to teach me that this issue is so minor, the hmd even supports below 59mm properly, something must be wrong with my headset etc…


I think the thing most people are missing here is that some one with 2020 vision is not using the center ring of the lens, they have it set up that the center ring of the lens in there right eye is slightly to the right of there right eye and the lefts center ring is slightly to the left of the left eye, this way some one with good vistion can get a clear picture. us with a small IPD cannot get this to work as the IPD is not going low enough. and would explain why the IPD is reading 70 when in fact the true IPD of the lens is more towards the 80 of the lens.


Good to know it requires fitting so I can take using at parties out of what I planned to do with it.