Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



I would try the one eye test. If 1 is clear & other is blurred. If the screen imsge position not calibrated to lens will cause eye strain & might br able to be fixed remotely.


How mamy wide FoV headsets?

Did you buy HeroVR HeroVR 2 & Xstal? Were you able to find an old StarVR?

Otherwise stop with apples & buy some oranges.

As we have a variety of folks with same experiences or more in vr & film or more with good things to report.


It really depends as at Immersed 2017 just sbout everyone had a grest experienve in demos with 0 ability to adjust.

Also VRTO Jan 2019 was not a lot of in depth adjustments being performed.


You know…now that we have eye tracking, there should be software that do dynamic warping based on lense profile and the eye to lense variables.

Rethink VR


It should also do automatic IPD settings as well…


dynamic warping based on lense profile and the eye to lense variables to some one with a small IPD is not going to help as its the Lens to screen that is wong.


Eye strain on Vive and Vive Pro:

Eye Strain on Rift:


Samsung Odyssey:


That would be part of the variables … they can use AI to create warp profiles for all variable sets and publish them for free as Standard values. They just need to warp that data with lense profile.


You see Heliosurge, you are doing it again to deviate the topic at hand to totally something else but ok here is my reply: Wide or Small FOV when it comes to a consumer product would not matter for an experienced VR enthousiast unless that is a very sophisticated device. Pimax is just another VR headset with just wider 16:9 two displays to support higher FOV. It does not have 3 more physical sliders, more buttons on it, or else.

This is not rocket science my friend.

I am afraid if I was able to access Pimax and any other wide fov hmds you are mentioning, I wouldn’t even be here at all right?

Anyways, maybe time to start saving more for the future and expect naively from Pimax to finally help people with eyestrain.


Facebook should develop one for VR.


It could give you reccommended value but doesn’t have motors to adjust it for you. But could do corrections on softwsre for asemetrics.


Now that’s the way to post. Same as most get VRsick & eyestrain on RE7 on psvr. However wr had a user thst he & a friend played start to finish without issue.


I can make a huge list for Pimax as well. Would you like me to share all those social media links here?


If you create a standard then use AI to create a warp algorithm (including ipd etc, eye position)…mask it with lense profile, it would solve VR. It will reduce cost and reduce unnecessary hardware.

Who knows, it may introduce newer lense itself.


Then why did he say he fitted hundreds? If it’s as plug and play as everyone else at pimax wants it to be ZERO fitment should be required beyond IPD.


Your the one deviating by posting your experience as the only expert that is right. I simply clarified there are folks eith same or more experience that demonstrate otherwise.

Take ownership of your deviant behavour instead of shifting it on others.


Obviously no need. You made the assertion others are fine while issues exist on Pimax that are in effect endemic. That simply is demonstrably untrue. All VR companies are attempting to evolve the medium plain and simple.


Ah trying to dimiss the proof after saying these other headsets were perfectly fine on eyestrain. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Because people are different. IMHO the closest thing to a VR device that be simply plopped on somebody’s head with no adjustment is the Oculus Go and *even *that there are lengthy discussion threads on how for many people they can’t get it to focus.


Pimax is not going to fix hardware issues. It’s too late in the game. I have narrow ipd too and i can see the edges of the lense… it’s unfortunate.

I hope i can get a discount on the next VR as compensation because this version is not working for me. I will have to sell mine.