Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Interesting in itself as I recall an artical with StarVR One making per headset adjustments… Maybe in the idea of ai camp deal.


Tbh it’s relatively subjective. Going to say “Vrsting” an arcade in Toronto. An employee could say they have fitted the vive pro on 100s of customers which would be true.

I don’t think he often realizes how much people will over analyze a sentence. Leading to him becoming frustrated & rash. Look at @fishfingers being censored over a quote. When he could have clarified as he did later in the thread.


Of course other headsets have had issues, every human has an individual face type and shape, yet we are trying to use a device that is built in a singular fashion. The questions should be around the percentage of customers having issues per headset.

Personally I have 4 headsets and have no issues with any of them, except the Pimax. I have been able to find a happy medium very easily for the Oculus, Odyssey and Vive Pro with out too much effort. However, for me, the Pimax just does not work as expected.


Yeah your right its all relative but when I can’t go several hours without someone talking adding foam to fit the headset and he says he had to fit people i’m sure you understand where i’m coming from. And we over analyze him because well the others are radio silent. He wants to not have to talk he doesn’t have to come here.


This is not the way to post and you well know it, If you had bothered to go and read some of th post you would know that PiamxUS was just trying to back up his opinion, as the first one
I kicked on was nothing to do with eye strain, it was about Headache and pain witch was being discussed, was about the head strap, others was about IPD and it being set wrong, IF pimaxUs had bothered to read what he had actually done a serch on he would not have posted some of the links in the first place.
At the end of the day there IS a problem with the IPD of the pimax and there is no way of getting around that fact, unless you are telling me that I cannot believe what My eye and brain are telling me.


Well the good thing is by region where Multicultural is not strong. Folks in a given region often have similar facial structure(not to be confused with having the same).

So once fitted for say yourself a good likelihood your friends will need not have much in adjstment save strap tightnesd & minor ipd.


There was no shortage of links about eye strain and IPD issues on Vive, Vive Pro and the Rift - I literally had countless more I could have posted… My point was simple and was not knocking HTC or Oculus at all - merely that people are different. VR manufacturers are attempting to evolve the medium to accommodate as many people as possible while still pushing the envelope of visual quality. (i.e. low SDE, resolution, FOV, refresh rate etc…). The population varies widely and the point is VR manufacturers are working hard on the experience.


He can even tell you we live in Matrix, and he is Neo!? :joy::rofl::wink::sunglasses:


I understand what you are saying, however form a customer’s point of view we have spent a LOT of money on a headset without being able to do a test fit so the speak… so if the headset does not fit our face shape or type what then? Is it good company policy to expect a customer to be happy with a paper weight? Or is it by far a better policy to do what ever you can to make a customers experience worth while?


Sure there is and somethings like sde causing issues like @TrevorVR & multiple articles may require adaptation like br sickness. I can for example like others either use my ipd value or something close. Facial structure is key for proper eye to lens spaceing. Ha ing a removable mask to havd potential options to buy or print them is key as well. @Skynet has unfortunately had to take on trying to create his own scan to make an option for his narrow face due to support being slow.


We are indeed doing that… To increase the frame rate we’ve released multiple editions of Brainwarp, on distortion we release new distortion profiles in each pitool release, we are releasing multiple new face foams for comfort and better eye spacing, prescription lens adapter is on the way to assist people with glasses and a lot more.

The best we can do is simply try to improve difference facets of the experience.


But it seam that Pimax are not doing this. measure the distance between the center ring of the lens when the IPD on screen says it is 60, I bet you your measurement will read 70, that’s the problem.


It’s complex, canted panels and curved lenses of variable thickness. Such a measurement will also yield incorrect results.


Remember to encourage the team to offer the detachable mask 3d file.

Also has the team looked into the vr lens adapter to use for ipd adjustment?


Yes and if you had bothered to read the actual post that was being discussed that the OP was saying the his IPD was lower on the original VIVE to that of the Vive pro. not saying that there have not or is not problems with other HMD`s but htis problem is a problem that Pimax can fix.


I under stand that, BUT all I want to do is be able to look in front of me straight ahead and have the screen in focus, is that to much to ask.


As I mentioned measuring lenses centers like with gen1 headsets is not going to yeild proper results. Gen1 lenses are flat on the eye side. Pimax lenses have a convex protrusion which alters how the eye looks through that region.

We’d need someone with Optics knowledge to explain how this alters measuringpd center of lens.


Indeed if it’s below the minimum ipd effective on the pimax the lense adapter can have a lense to augment fix. I beleive there was a chap printing frames for ipd adjustments on og vive.


Yes but it dose not take a rocket scientist to see when the IPD of the lens is out, Right eye in focus, left eye out of focus, move HMD to the right and now the left eye is in focust, but guess what, the right eye is out of focus, now explain how to fix this with out getting more IPD adjustment OR moving the sweet spot of the lens in towards the nose. ?


I think it’s hard to discuss this without a clear definition of “eye strain”. I do not feel eye fatigue, I do not have any problems with blur. My only complaint is it feels like my vision is being bent in an awkward way. I can forget about and keep playing, and when I have the perfect adjustment it’s less, but it’s always there. There are times after a few beers or joints that it can make me feel a little nauseous, but I can choke it down. It’s manageable but something is off and that’s all there is to it.