Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Only way to fix this would be an individual eye IPD adjustment. This way you would adjust each individual eye from a center line instead of a set amount of width with a single adjuster. This would also fix an issue where as a users eyes are not equidistant from that same center point…


Maybe You need to consider screen to lens alignment if it’s out a similar effect. If your at the minimum you might need lenses for the VR frames to improve your low ipd value. If so then the design with vr frame lens adapters will improve compatability for extremely narrow & wide ipds.


For what it worth in the debat, I measured the minimal distance between the smaller fresnel rings to more than 70 mm.

My measure is not very accurate, Pimax shall give us the ‘real’ number. What’s sure is that it is only when the eye is perfectly in front of that inner ring that the vision is the clearer. Which is quite difficult to reach when your IPD is < 70.


The problem is these lenses are not flat. The center has a convex bubble. A flat lense distance is absolute. With the bubble your eyes are not looking through the lense like binoculars. We need to understand how lens geometry works in this specialty lens.


Not very well in my experience.


The average IPD value in europe is 64 for what I know. It would be quite surprising that Pimax did not took this into account when designing the lenses. That said, that value of 71 + mm for the SMALLEST setting is intriguing.


Not necessarily, I just have to move the HMD to the right a bit, but at the moment If I do that then both eyes are out of focus, but not by much.


Yes I could maybe find a lens that corrects the focal distance of the lens to screen.


why doesn’t pimax release software to let us do this?


Dose not matter, If the best part of the lens is the middle ring, which it is for me and it seams most low IPD users then the IPD need to go lower.


I posted a video here of MRTV with the StarVR one. They use eyetracking to fix the distortion. He could see ZERO distortions, issues (with the few mins he used it)


Very happy low ipd user here (59.8mm - measured at opticians).

I have no eye strain, just did what I always do on any VR headset, turn ipd control down to lowest setting it will go to and stick on headset.

Pimax rocking for me…


Did you follow up with these links to see if people fixed these issues? I say this because regarding the Vive and Vive pro a lot of people did not understand that it has a built in way for you dial the lenses away from your face (also can do it non uniform way, each side is adjustable on its own) . A lot of people were able to fix their issues doing this. I would think that pimax ipd/distortions would also benefit from distance modification but for some reason only one face cushion was included with the HMD (even though the kickstarter said three) I think this was a big mistake. Also find it odd that pimax did not include a mechanical way to do this in their design. They must have know this would be an issue.


Is it maybe an idea to make it possible for users to choose lensprofiles in pitool? Just because people are different as you say, the lenses are that big it isn’t possible to cover everything in one lensprofile.
Myself i cant get rid of distortion on the right side, can it be an hardware misalignment in the headset?


Human eyes usualy have a convergence.

If the eye has to diverges it will most likely cause eye strain. That (too) simple shematics shows why it is better to have a thicker foam, it makes the divergence angle less hard.


are the Pimax lenses angled? I though it was just the screens that were. Also are we sure the the pimax lenses do not bend this angle to make the light go straight into the eye (in the sweet spot)


This is where at the least the software needs fine tuning.

Here is a very detailed study


Atm we have without mod only available to adjust left & right equally to center (X) & up/down on face (Y). By changing foam thickness we can adjust distance to lens (Z).

To correct extremely narrow ipd or extremely wide Ipd a software ipd offset for left & right (individual) might work well & was suggested to have hard ipd adjustment with soft ipd for fine tuning. (Y) (vr frame lenses maybe needed for some still)

*I presume @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang this is still being worked on due to complexity of lens distortion profile & should appear in a future Pitool.

With the Mask being removable & replacable also adds to a modular concept as a 3d object file can be made available to accomodate different face shapes. However an eventual add on could allow making a focus adjustment for (Z) as a hard peice to have dials to adjust rubberized face gasket to adjust pupil to lense & thus provide space for glasses without need for thicker foams to accomodate glasses & noses.


As there is a bubble on what is normally completely flat traditional means of measurement are not able to be used as the convex changes how thr center is perceived vs standard flat lenses.


Isn’t it great we get the eye tracking modul as ks backers for free?


Different face foams should be unveiled any day now by pimax if I recall correctly? I think a thicker one may solve this somewhat.