Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Surely moving each lens in both an x and y direction individually would be far more beneficial? That way each eye can be positioned directly in the sweet spot and remove almost all of the fitment issues in one fell swoop? The outer frame would need to be slightly larger, but this may actually help with physical fitment issues…

If the lens and Panel are aligned perfectly in the factory, then moving the entire subframe would allow each eye to be centered perfectly, thus making distortion profiles, fitment and focus very easily adjustable. Software can be easily written to help align each eye individually to each panel by simply blanking one eye and projecting an alignment image. Then perform the same on the other eye and boom, you are setup… The angled screens should actually help in doing this as our eyes rotate around an axis, therefore distortion and focus profiles should be easier to achieve…


Look at your lenses they are not flat in the center of your core view they are convex which alters how you see through the lens as a result.

Vr with wide FoV has challenges more similar to prescription eyeware. Otherwise why not remove the prrscribed eye glass maker?

My left eye is 1.00 right eye +1.5. Buy dollar store reading glasses 2 sets & lens swap. But as eye glass wearers will tell you it’s not that simple as frames affect lense to eyes etc… Good for reading but not driving.


I know google cardboard headsets having thst much adjustment can be a pain tbh. But a face gasket with focus adjustment would be a good future upgrade & for the clever a great 3rdparty add on. Much like @Davobkk’s headset comfort strap addons.


Ideally XYZ adjustments would be better, but I agree sometime having too many adjustments can make the fitment process overwhelming. However, better having the adjustments and not needing them than not having them and needing them etc…

Already purchased, just awaiting delivery etc… I have bought just about every possible thing to make it as good as can be…


Advanced ipd settings for (X). My poor man headstrap works pretty good for vertical alignment. And a future adjustable face mask with focal adjustment I think will help face fit.

Just imho a terrible amount of variables to try & make a one size fits all. Through collaboratiom we can build ideas to improve things than going with scrap it & start fresh. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

A break can help re think things; even though changing a flat tire in the snow sucks. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I noticed the lenses as well, this makes it even more important to get each individual eye “aligned” to each screen. If we could adjust each eye I am fairly sure a lot of these issues would be non-existent…


Different sort of break LOL


I have come up with the idea of an inflatable face cushion.
The thickness would be adjustable from 5mm to 20mm. Next stop: The Dragons den.


Do not confuse the fact that Pimax headset has divergent views with the need for divergent view. Even in the divergent views of the headset, your view remains convergent. The way the views are rendered does not change that.


Wouldn’t it be easier to adjust the other way? Actually pull the front of the headset away? Similar to the Vive Pro etc…


I don’t know how the vive pro works, is that something that can be done with the current model of the Pimax headset?
My solution would be universal.


VR of the future will fix that. Imagine a vr with 100 mega pixel camera… your eyes can zoom in anytime… it’ll be worn all tim so zooming in is natural and doesn’t affect daily activities; it becomes an extension of your body.

Lol, then we become a new species as the VR lense will be biologically embedded. DNA splicing will remove human eyes since it’s now just extra weight…

I’ll just end it here.


The vive Pro has a little button on the side that adjusts the entire device forward away from your face. It does reduce FOV slightly, but if your eyes are touching the lens you can move it away so no longer touching etc…

the pro is a bit better than the OG Vive in the link above


Personaly I don’t Think this issue is minor, but we must assume that the phenomenon is not linear but follow some kind of curve where only a fraction of people are affected. Pimax must find those people and assert the problem…


I really believe that if Pimax takes it’s users seriously and listens to these issues, these problems can be sorted out… I am also pretty sure most backers were aware that they would be sort of beta testers. however, retail customers should not be negated if they have an issue etc…

the more feedback Pimax receives, if acted upon, will do exactly what Pimax wants, which is to further the development of the headset to make it truly outstanding. My opinion is that the headset is no where near this point yet and probably should not be being sold as a retail item with out a very clear warning that the headset is not a finished polished product. Which if it simply cannot be fitted to your head makes the device useless.


Using the deluxe Vive head strap clearly enhanced my experience and reduce the mention problems. In the best position my nose never touch the headset and is far from the nose slot walls.


Trying to adjust ipd on Asset Corsa i spotted something that might actually cause eye strain and headache, at least on my unit.
Can you guys check this and tell me what you see please.
sry for video size.



William Gibson - Cyberpunk.

Though kind of hoping for Shadowrun tbh. :yum:

William Shatner’s Tek headsets from Tekwar might be our next hmd. :dizzy_face:


Tried that as well, bought the DAS and all associated bits, even more foams due to reading this forum, however, still an uncomfortable mess :frowning:


Never heard of it, but will check it out when I’m bored.