Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Best solution is to have things like VR arcades where folks can try one out for themselves. Bit this is true of any specialty device.

Vive at launch was not received well initially. But some individuals charging $25/per hour to let perspective consumers try theirs ultimately helped the success of Gen1 VR & gave rebirth of an arcade idea that In many places was dying. Save for Dance Dance Revolution. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I can see the mirror getting bigger and smaller sorting of zooming in and out etc… But it IS a VERY small video lol


William Gibson is a famed Sci Fi author so much so they named a Super computer Gibson.


if you put full screen and check the left where the door and the window, when i stop moving my head the car goes back or front a little bit, keeps moving.
Feels like a mix of 3 and 6 dof tracking


Agreed, In Australia we never had any of the meetings etc… so we were literally buying solely on reviews and users comments. Which of course are incredibly subjective. Having said that though, Pimax should not be making wild claims about the headset either…


True but keep in mind not that long ago (80s?) Completely wild & untrue claims.

Arnold Swartznegger(sp?) For example when he won Mr Olympia sponsored an add with 2 handles with 3 springs as how he got big while eating Wendy’s Hamburgers. Lol

Better but unfortunately advert spins still common. I have still found cheapo projectors that say support 1080p while native Res not even close & not stated.


Hahaha yup I have seen those projectors, especially the small LED ones LOL


Its still a Fresnel Lens and the sweet spot will still be in the middle.


That makes sense, but the issue is about eye ‘strain’, not only about clarity. The eyes have “automatic” system to rotate inside the orbits so that the focal point is perfect. People who spend a lot of time on screens (which may be the case of 99% of Pimax users ;)) force their eyes to convergence (close objects). It makes divergence way harder. I can hardly explain but I had a lot of orthoptists exercises to train my eye muscles for better convergence/divergence. It can be almost painfull. This is similar to the eye strain I feel with Pimax (hopefully not painfull). Maybe a good VR session with Pimax is good for the eyes :slight_smile: ?


As you can see in your pic that lens is flat on one side. Pimax hybrid is not flat it has a convex protrusion which will alter how you look through the lens. Hope that explains it better.

While I do not know details on the lens custom geometry. It likely acts like a Convex mirror. In that you don’t need to look through the center directly & can be off to one side & be looking out the center of the lens on the screen side of tge lens.


Yeah I can see it in the window as well… It is sort of zooming in and out…


Yes it looks like a hybrid lense, The hi point of the lens still corresponds to the center ring of the fresnel if you look, its like a magnifying lens on top of the Fresnel. it still has the focal point in the center ring though.


But alters the angle one can look through the center.

I found a film that can be used at least on a mirror or windsheild? (haven’t bought to experiment) that changes the view angle when looking straight at it.


Well thats what I need to do, look straight at the lens, and not get exotropia.


The bubble allows you to look at the slopes & still be looking through the center on the otherside. But if one eye is not looking through the opposite lens’ bubble at the same trajectory the warp is created for. 1 eye will be blurred while the other sharp. When looking at the Image we are looking at a reflected projection.

On a flat circlur lens is not very complex to create a distortion image to see properly. Having a les that is not flat on one side creates a differ form of lens warp altogether as now our lens has ay least 3 core distortion patterns.

  1. Flat lens both sides.
  2. Curved on one side & flat on the other.
  3. Then curved on both sides.

The 3rd center being the fun one. As this profile is directly affected by where the pupil is looking at it. Dead center profile A. Outer ouside (off center) profile B. Inner outside (off center) profile C.

Now if 1 eye is centered (A) & 1 eye off center (B or C). Profile does not match rendering profile expected & 1 eye is blurred as a result. Which has a variety of potenial causes. Lens to screen alignment being one. Lens Symetry being off. Large enough Asymetry on eyes. Etc…

Eye tracking being one of the best solution for dymamic correction with knowing exact lens position correlating with ipd relative to focus bubble.

This explains why some are seeing reductions in distortion while others are not.


I agree. After significant tweaking, I get a good-looking image with ZERO eyestrain. The headset position on your face is critical, particularly in the vertical direction. The only mod I’ve made is to attach an 11 oz (310 g) counterweight to the back of the headset. I’m still using only the 14 mm face-pad which shipped with the unit.

The very first time I used it, I played Elite Dangerous for over 4 hours and had no eyestrain or headache. I find that to be amazing, especially since I had my IPD set too high (by 2 mm) at the time.


I respectfully disagree that the problem is IPD (but not that some people have an issue). I agree that the low end of the human IPD range is not properly supported and can lead to pinched noses and that the IPD range is not high enough for some people, but you have said your IPD was in the normal range, iirc.

My IPD is 63 mm and I currently have my 8K set to 62.3 and it looks great. I do believe you are having a problem, but unless the correct “root cause” is identified, the problem can’t be fixed.

As to your earlier comment about Fresnel lenses, I don’t think the distance between “sweet spot” centers is the same as IPD. I don’t think measuring the distance between the lens centers yields a true value of the IPD on a Pimax, possibly due to the angled screens. I just measured that distance as 69 mm on my headset, yet PiTool reports an IPD value of 62.3, which closely matches my IPD of 63 and which (again) looks great in-game.


Have you tried any other game which does not use parallel projection for an extended period of time?


No. I haven’t played any other VR games. I bought my 8K specifically to play ED.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I only seem to get eyestrain in certain applications. That could be for various reasons though I guess.