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Exactly, this is why the lenses need to be colser to geather.


No the point is you can look at a convex mirror from different angles & see the same image if the background warped appropiately.

Ie in my example a low ipd might need left warped using A profile & right eye using B profile due to position of lens bubble. this is why atm 1 eye clear & 1 blurred.

Meaning they still need to work on ipd lens warp profile for other ipd ranges & make doubly sure that calibration qa checks are beimg performed.

An offseting ipd for left & right is likely needed for fine tuning.


If you are playing elite how do you find the shadows , especially when fuel scooping with the star on your left or your right, do you find it ok ?


Yes but I am not on about background warping, just focus.


It’s related hence one eye clear & 1 blurred. Edited last post.

Being the lens is bubbled instead of flat. It needs to be warped appropiately for each eye position in relation to where the pupil’s position is when looking through the bubble.


Again Exactly this, this is why the lenses need to be colser to gather.

I have taken to wearing the HMD so both eye are slightly out of focus, got use to it now so its not a problem, see les of the SDE, its just strange how if I get one eye, lets say my right eye as my right eye is the dominant one , the left eye is out of focus, yet if I look to my left a tiny bit the left eye is in focus but now my right eye is slightly out of focus. and this is what was buging me a lot as the continual refocusing of one eye then the other.


It is due to each eye needs to have a different distortion profile depending on ipd with offsets fine tuning.

For example your left is in focus while the right needs to have distortion adjusted to bring in focus due to the pupil position to bubble as with my profile example. You would adjust right eye via a soft adjustment. Not a lens adjustment. So that the right eye is seeing correct warp for a focused image in both eyes.


I don’t believe this is the problem. At least not in my case. With one eye closed off and foam removed to allow loads of room for headset placement, manually holding the headset to my eye at all locations within the sweet spot I still have extreme warping on the image nearest my nose when I rotate my head left and right. This is across the entire range of the IPD slider and bares no relationship to the other eye.


Even if this is the case, and 70mmm equates to 60mm due to the difference in angles, the headsets were advertised to have a minimal fov of 55mm

There wasn’t really any address to the question I asked? @PimaxUSA Is diverting the subject away from the question a way of saying or an indication that Pimax have no plans to resolve this issue besides the face pads? @Dallas.Hao also edited the tags in the OP but chose not to reply? What’s the plan to address the fact users with 55 IPD can’t use their devices when they may have backed under the premise that they could use it because of minimal 55mm fov?

I suggest a lens replacement suitable for lower ipd users which sacrifices a small amount of FOV if required to be a purchase option and modification in the future and letting users who experience no clear image in both eyes to pay for shipping to get lens replacements done.

I will note its possible the issues might be resolveable to a degree with thicker facepads for small fov users though, as the extra distance away from the face might help get the clarity in both eyes. I think this would only work if you were a couple mms under minimal supported ipd range of “60mm” (70mm angled?)


Totally and utterly WRONG, the hole screen has an image, its all the same graphics image, you can not blur a pixel the only way a pixel can be blared is get it out of focus. take a lens out and you will see ALL the image is the same, its just the shape of the image is changed to match the lens. it has nothing to do with different distortion profile, witch is what changes the shape of the image it dose not make it sharper or more blurred. I am talking about pixels being in focus not image.


The last 5mm is the “self adaption”
Ask Pimax what does it mean.


Sure if they can give a measurement on how much extra facepad thickness is required to bring 60mm down to 55mm, but currently there’s no set minimum facepad size, to give any figures on an estimation for required additional face pad size to get that clarity for low ipd users.


This seems to be a common issue with Pimax duck n cover on a variety of simple questions.


No applying conventional understanding is your miss.

The bubble allows the image center to be viewed at different angles & based on ipd needs to adjust lens warp accordingly to produce a clear image. As per a blindspot mirror. If you warp reality to match view angle it will look the same whether you look dead on or to left or right of center.

This is not a flat mirror.

@x111v3r has the understanding of the idea.


Well I hope you are right then. This would make some difference. Is this at all possible or are you just speculating considering Pimax hasn’t addressed this issue in 314 (and counting) posts in this thread.


Again , nothing to do with image, I am focusing on pixels not image, If I can see Pixels and the gap between them (which I can) clear then that is as sharp as I will ever get the image. if you can not see the Pixels then your HMD is not in focus. and this would aply to ALL HMD`s


@x111v3r assessment is likely right on the money with below 60mm for angle on bubble which may mean special inserts in vr frames would be needed to fix ipd for lower ipd.


Well it’s not on all users hmd which means what I said.


Yes I get what you’re trying to say and you are correct in what you are saying, but for me Right eye see Pixels and gap, left eye no gap. or very hard to see gap with both eye when centered HMD, But being a perfectionist I would like to have both eye in love with the gap :slight_smile:


Okay sorry for my miss. Then it would appear there is likely a qa issue with your headsets screen to lense distance or cloudy plastic(either lens/screen or plastic protection layer between lens & screen)