Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



This is why we need an ipd software offset perhaps per eye to correct position rendering for pupils.


would be interesting, but if the lenses are not aligned correctly for me? an extra ipd wheel to shift both lenses independed would be ideal as it is so precise with these lenses. And would a realtime distortion profile with eyetracking be better as a software solution?


I finally got a chance to open my 5k+.

First impressions of use is horrible. So reading here on whether I’ve missed anything. But it seems not. I played with vertical and horizontal positioning and definitely had that optimal. I played with distance from face and angle on face but need to go back for more…I had to stop as it made me feel awful and my eyes hurt.

I played rift and now Ody+ for usually about 4 hours at a time and feel fine.

Reading comments here I think it puts the finger on what is happening for me. If I adjust ipd and positioning to get a clear image then the world geometry is awful, completely off, distortions everywhere and terrible depth sense. If I adjust it to improve geometry then my vision is blurry and my eyes fatigue immediately trying to focus on what seemed impossible to focus on.

I need more time playing with distance from face but I don’t last long in this hmd.

My ipd on rift and ody+ is 64. 64 on pimax is already squeezing my nose. But I can’t find an acceptable compromise between clarity and distortion in any case.

I’ll leave a fair review on the forum when I’ve used it enough to be able to. (Packaging excellent, build quality seems good, no cracks…yet, not seeing cable issues. I do have good things to say.)


Mechanical design change at this point is not really feasible. So a software approach is what we have left fir this iteration. A future design would ditch the adjustment wheel altogether fir embedded design that has a brief setup adjusting lenses & ipd automatically. Perhaps still a bit of a soft adjustment to refine.


How is your ipd symetry? I suspect mine is pretty good with maybe a minor variance (need to get this checked).

Both eyes seem equally clear at 67.1


Consider removing the nose padding on the left side and putting a thin pad, like Moleskin on that side and adding foam to the right side nose area. Also, I’ve added a counterweight to the back of my headset strap to reduce the weight on my nose to near-zero, which would make this the reduction of nose padding more comfortable. With this change, you might be able to omit the extra face padding, which is causing your visual fatigue.


I believe the symmetry of eyes from the top of my nose is pretty good, however from the tip of my nose is not - a crooked nose from smashing into a concrete dias at high school mucking around.
So setting lenses is pretty easy on other hmds by getting the whole headset centred but I feel more pressure on the left of my nose than on the right when it’s centred. Which makes me realise I will feel the lens on the left pushing as I lower ipd earlier than someone with a straight nose.
Thinking about my experience I do suspect distance from lenses should theoretically improve things. If clearer picture makes more distortion and less distortion makes blurier picture, I should be able to find a better balance between those by changing distance from lenses. Hopefully I will get a chance to try tonight.


Yeah I’m not having any problem with getting a sharp view on both eyes either, just the geometry distortion was a real problem in the beginning, but something happened and it’s not bothering me anymore.
Could use a bit thicker face cushion though, to get even better picture. IPD 66,5mm 33/33,5 Pimax set to 65mm


Possibly a mix of optimizations & “self-adaption”


It’s working now! and @Heliosurge @neal_white_iii I shifted the headset again a few mm to the left, before it didn’t work when i did that, i figured out why. I needed to add padding on the leftside of the facepad, to keep the headset straight!
For now no eyestrain, good focus in both eyes and much less distortion.
I woke up this morning very sad that i had to sell the headset, but i’m so happy i can keep it!
I hope Pimax will release the headstrap soon to keep it fixed, and offcourse thicker facepads. I’ts crucial for people to get a good experience.
For now i fix the headband thight to keep it in place with an ebay facepad, but its far from comfortable


Awesome to hear! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


How much padding did you add and where? Might have to try this


about 2 mm on the center left side of the facepad so it is thicker now on the leftside then the right side.


I strongly recommend adding a counterweight to the back of the headset strap. This will greatly reduce the pressure on your nose and cheeks. My headset is a lot more comfortable with this easy mod.

I just taped 2 steel wrenches together and attached it with the Velcro loop Pimax included to ship the cable. My counterweight is about half the headset weight: 11.1 oz / 312 g.

You can buy one premade, if you don’t want to cobble-up your own: https://www.counterbalancevr.com/


Thanks for the tip! i will try it. luckely there is plenty of room for my nose, the headset isn’t resting on it. but i do feel pressure on the cheekbones so i think it will help


wauw it’s an amazing difference, a battery pack to test, it feels so much lighter on my face


just finished a two hour session, without any eyestrain :slight_smile: in Fallout Far Harbor, such an amazing admosferic experience it looks so good with awesome music, it’s just enough to walk around and shoot some ghouls. I was really there, so immersive


That’s awesome to hear! Hopefully next pitool will have ipd adjustments for asymetry. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


yess that would help a lot of people


I throw my experience in here too: I have 32mm left and 30.5 right (yes i’m one of those asymmetrical kinda aliens) and instead of 62.5 i use 60 for the 5K+ and its just working. No eye strain if the game runs smooth. I do have eye strain very quickly though if i use >62
I can tolerate 62.5 but 60 is really way more comfortable.
Face Foam is the 18mm Vive Narrow Face or a Kiwi 18mm PU Vive replacement.
Perfect fitting overall.