Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



After weeks of using my Pimax 5k+ I can now stay in game for hours. Skyrim 3+ hours no problem. Last night I removed the face padding it and now my eyes are slightly closer to the lenses I get less blur around the edges. It’s the best I’ve ever seen the 5k+ look.

So what changed? Did my eyes muscles build to compensate for bad convergence? Did Pitool 111 bring digital IPD closer? Did Pimax tweek the Parralel Projection parameters? Am I imagining a change? I don’t know. But what I do know is there isn’t another HMD on the market I would rather own right now. Kudos to Pimax.

My IPD is 64 but I wind down the headset to 60.


I tried watching 3D and 2D movie content with the IPD set to my 64mm but it seemed to cause massive issue in being able to focus on the screen correctly. In the past movie viewing was much more comfy at the lowest IPD setting.



My overall experience improved a lot by increasing distance from face. Shoved some extra face foam in and now I can at least use it. I was reluctant to put it back on the first time, it made me feel so awful.
Pimax seriously need to put in extra face foams and a large warning that if your experience completely sucks, stop and change facepad thickness until it doesn’t suck. It may save a lot of customers.
It’s totally usable now and has its good points.
However I still feel my brain being messed with the longer I use it and feel eye strain afterwards which I don’t get on my rift/Od+. I think cantred displays are the culprit of my eye strain so if I’m right there is no fix.
The good news is I’m not scared to put 5k back on now and can keep experimenting.


Indeed though @Timo.H1 used a pretty simple stacked velcro method to thicken the foam for glasses. Makes good for experimenting to find right thickness desired.


@PimaxUSA should answer this.

But imho as @TrevorVR said it was made to look like a pimax post [OFFICIAL] in the title. And as the op said other topics merged as they were dupplicates.

Now as @RobCram said which is very true. Pimax already stated they were looking into the issue. Granted @PimaxUSA & other associates could simply keep posting a link to it or reposting this info for some it wouldn’t mean much with their want answers now mentality.

Opposite to that Op statement as far as I have observed only that topic was deleted due to it just being another summary of his other topic ignoring the response already given.


if they are looking into it (could you give us the source for that info?) perhaps they could update us with status and progress. I think backers that either cant or find it uncomfortable to use the hmd deserve some feedback and reassurance that they havent simply wasted their money.


I don’t have the pimax members post but here is robcram’s post.

Giving feedback atm is likely nothing new except in process. Ie backers/pre orders that were asked to ship headset back to see if the headset has a mfg defect might not be known yet.

With ipd experience being so hit n miss makes it harder as well. Asymetrical ipd should be fixable.

I do agree they should only have promoted mechsnical ipd of 60 to 73mm & forgot about saying supports “55mm to 75mm self adaption” simply stating may support ipd outside mechanical on screen range but results will vary.


thanks for the info. fwiw it doesnt support ipd of 60 as i definitely cant get it to allow even focus in both eyes at the same time even when set to 60 unlike say on the rift where it is fine at that setting. plenty of others have echoed that experience. i agree that there may be more to this than ipd alone and the two issues may be being conflated as they yield similar discomfort. however that is for pimax to determine but, given the number of posts on the area of ipd and discomfort, i would strongly suggest that pimax start an official thread to try to gather all the info into one coherent place and also to give those affected some reassurance that the issue has been acknowledged and is being addressed rather then just being reported and complained about.


You cannot get both eyes in focus (on the same spot) because of the angled panels and lenses. It is the design feature of the headset, which has been questioned already so many times on this forum that I stopped counting.

If you missed my take on the subject, here are the links (Some thoughts on the IPD discrepancy) and (Clarifying Near IPD x Distant IPD confusion).


But see this is where there is a disconnect as there are some like @PimaxUSA with an ipd of i think he said 59.8? (Granted his reveal of being 50 :smirk: could explain part of it as we do loose visual acuteness as we grow older) having no problem using the headset.

Now @risa2000 with my ipd of 67.1 I do seem to have even focus in both eyes but this could be my own adaptability at work or eye symetry?

Either way pimax has said their ipd/distortion algorithm is far more complex than gen1 styled headsets. So it is likely they still need more refinements to different ipds & or soft offsets.


i dont think it is necessarily that simple. I have the hmd set to 60 IPD but if i move it horizontally so one eye has clarity (i can see pixels clearly) then the other eye is blurry and cannot see pixels. If I then move it horizontally in the other direction say 5 or so mm then i can see clearly with the other eye. So essentially it would be clear in both eyes if my eyes were further apart. But architectural causes aside, it doesnt work for me for reasons of IPD and/or angled lenses so there is an issue I need resolving for it to be my go to HMD. As it is, I would take the comfort of the 100 degree, lower res rift any day over this sadly.


I’m going to merge this in again with the eyestrain thread.


Thank you - could you link to that thread and is it an official one? (apologies if I have missed that detail elsewhere)


beside this its also a good solution for thicker (double) foam that gets compressed more and the hmd getting more wobbly on the face by that
i’d expect if you take a thicker foam it needs to be harder to not compress that much

the staggered velcro is much more solid and does not get compressed
made my temporary solution with velcro strips under the original foam from pimax


Here’s the thing: When I set my 8K IPD to my “real” IPD, things are a (very little) bit fuzzy straight ahead, but there is no distortion and I can play for 4+ hours at a stretch with no eye strain. When I put the lenses closer together, yes, the straight ahead image is crisp, but I see some distortion and quickly get eyestrain. My IPD is 63 mm and I’m only using the 14 mm face cushion which came with my headset.

I think trying to get crystal-clear vision straight ahead is a false goal and that the engineers who designed the headset maximized the “total area which is (mostly) in focus”. (That is, the center of the Fresnel lenses should NOT be directly in front of your pupils.) Have you actually set the IPD to match your eyes and played for a while? For me, the experience is surprisingly good, even though there is a tiny bit of fuzziness.


If you get clear image but then get distortion then the HMD need to be closer to your eyes, well its that way for me.


One of the things that were pointedly speculated on, by the way - right here on this forum, during the months leading up to release, was that (EDIT: …barring a really clever lens design) the devices would probably have to have a way to adjust eye relief, much more so than previous “parallel projection” HMDs, due to the canted optical assembly design making the lens axes converge on the face side.

…and here we are…


There are some basic rules of physics which no ordinary man can defy (I am not talking about mutants and some governments). One such rule is that when you look through the lens and you align your eye with the lens axis you get the best image in term of both the (geometric) distortion and the clarity (focus). You cannot get better visuals looking through the lens any other way and most of the time, looking through the lens any other way gives you worse visuals. How much worse depends on the optical quality and the precision of the lens.

I believe that you consider your perception to be in focus (enough) and that you are happy with it, I still however believe that if you look 10° aside (to the left with your left eye, or to the right with your right eye) you should observe even better clarity (focus), simply because this should be exactly the spot when your eye align with the lens axis. It seems you are not sensitive to this difference as many others are also not. Some however are.


True enough and my eye test is generally looking forward with closing one eye at a time to check. Moving 10° L or R might put one eye slightly out of focus. But typically we more move our head to look to focus both eyes. I have strong peripheral awareness. And as with the brain mine might be processing interpolated focus(for lack of better wording).

Now I do know my overall sight is good for my age with doing QA checks on visual defect recognition.


Yes we OR me at least move my head rather that use my eyes for focusing on the screen so I want the focus in front of me not to the left of my left eye or right of my right eye.