Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Truth many whom reported early eye strain seems to be more related to eye symetry not being equal.

If you look over pitool release 121 Beta introduces soft ipd adjustment (released last Friday). There is a recent topic on the new features for setting ipd & stereo overlap.

Standard gen1 headsets also cause some to experience Eyestrain; just like Pimax Wide FoV headsets do not for the Majority of users. (So all headsets are defective in that analogy)

My ipd is 67.1 and have no eyestrain your ipd should be fine.

With this being your first VR headset though you will want to weigh costs as with a Pimax headset you will want a beefy pc run it at a decent level of quality depending on content you want to run.


Yes thanks for the reply. I will be building, probably, a ryzen build just waiting on the new ryzen cpu. Looking at the 3600x so 8cores 16gb 3200 ram for now. I am waiting to see how their performance will be.

Also looking at rtx 2080 or used gtx1080, as for games elite dangerous, skyrim VR with mods, subnautica. Doom VFR etc


Your welcome. SkyrimVR is an interesting creature as it runs well even on a 980 ti with a lot of mods.

If not in a hurry with waiting on Ryzen 5 3600x good to wait as newer Gpus & Mobos should be coming with possible things like Pci-X 4 or 5 on the way. I have a Ryzen 7 2700x

It also gives time for software to advance as well. The last Pitool 121b that just released introduced a a lot of improvements. Hopefully a few VR Arcades may have pimax headsets to experience. After all a hands on try is best when possible.

It’s what helped me decide not to invest in Nintendo’s VirtuaBoy too many years ago. Life in shades of Red. What a horrible idea. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Unfortunately, it looks like some people have a lot more issues with the Pimax headset design (for whatever reason). I’m apparently one of the lucky ones. I’ve used my 8K for over 5 hours recently, without any eyestrain at all.

Until you can try a Pimax yourself, you don’t really know if eyestrain will be an issue or not (unless you have an IPD below 60 mm).


Just did some testing using Luckys tale book menu.

And yes, you can change the ipd offset while the game is running (using the keyboard).

Starting by setting in the ipd dial/knob the default 69 (as measured by my Optomesomething) and then start decreasing the offset.

At -1 it is perfect, no eye strain at all, even less than 0. At -1.5 and bellow i have to “refresh” my eye sight and feel some disconfort.

So i believe i found my “sweet ipd” now.


How are you changing it with the keyboard.? Are you using steamVR desktop mode while in game?


I do hope we will be able to fine tune within that .5 range too. Per eye. Finding the personal sweet spot is very necessary with this headset and when you do, oh boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lucky´s Tale run windowed on the monitor.

After the game started, just alt-tab in Pitool and click once on the ipd offset knob´s and use the keyboard arrows to move decrease/increase.

The game “book menu” (chapter selection) is very good to measure this, it have near and far objects still and moving.


Ah so you are looking at it on the steamVR desktop tab. Does this really help with getting the hardware ipd and offset right? Im using Virtual destop with a web browser open to do this


No, i am seeing my monitor thru the nose gap of the Pimax :rofl:

“Modern problems require modern solutions”

I tried Virtual Desktop too, but it have just one “layer” of depth (the monitor window), in Lucky tail you have at least 6 layers of depth that help you set your IPD.


I do not get this, how does this help?


After you start Luckys tale, select the Chapter selection menu.

Then, without taking the HMD off your head (using the nosegap too peek the PC monitor) alt-tab to Pitool and click once on the offset ipd knob.

Then, use the keyboard to test which offset is better to you.

Simple as.


Ah I get it now, you are using the Desktop only to change the IPD setting, not to see the IPD change on the desktop


Exactly !

Cheers ! 12345


So what is the preferred method to set the IPD now? I just played some skyrim for an hour and my eyes are sore.


Since we do not have any documentation or utility from pimax, it’s the Wild West. Go with what ever you think works.


Try setting your real ipd & use the ipd offset to adjust for comfort. Like most things it’s trial & error.

Like spicing chili a bit at a time til you find what feels/tastes right.


In the future we’ll get some guides in there that people can use to more precisely set their IPD.


Thank you Kevin! 20 characters


Okay @Heliosurge I’ll start testing today with the measured ipd. I think the only way to achieve some real results is to test one number a day.
My eyes are still sore from yesterday’s gaming session.
By the way, there can never be enough chili :hot_pepper::stuck_out_tongue: