Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



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I agree. I’ll see what we can do to setup a sticky announcement thread.




Well it worked for me too.
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In VR, everything is possible (and magical) !

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“Truth many whom reported early eye strain seems to be more related to eye symetry not being equal.”

No, not correct! False info…


So important! But don’t wait too long to implement it…


Strange as some like @jeroen I believe has & said new soft ipd helped. So yes has some truth and not false. Just maybe not complete for all.


Yes it helps, i use just a normal 18mm facepad without extra padding on one side now.
I noticed most people seem to use an negative offset, but it’s immediatly the wrong way to go for me, i use +1


It may be truth for some, and may not be truth for some other but for sure it is not “many”. Eventhough I read here, reddit, youtube reviews that many more users reported that it is not about symetry of eyes, I can’t claim “many”, so this is a false info.


No it is not false info & as to numbers we can’t quantify it to one way or the other with fragmented sources.

So it is false to say it that the majority is related to cantered displays or eye symetry. What we can say is that steps being taken are yeilding positive results but too soon to say how much it helps to those whom experience issues related to eyestrain.

It is simply too early to make a conclusion as it is even still being fletched out how to best use the new settings.




Ok so I tested my Pimax yesterday with my measured ipd which is 66,5mm, impossible to play, no soft ipd tweaking helped.
Then I reduced the hard ipd to 65,5mm and it’s bearable now, but still get sore eyes.
More testing tonight.


It is false to assume and claim the majority as we don’t have a fact nor a scientific explanation that assymetry may cause eyestrain in Pimax hmds.

I have perfectly symetric eyes yet eventhough latest drivers helped a little with clarity, eyestrain still continues.

After all I believe into my eyes and what I see.


This is one of the best review of Pimax


This is where your going wrong. No one is saying absolutes. We know that Eye symetry is a factor & does play affect those with Asemtrical ipd.

But your statement saying we know it is the optics & cantered displays is not accurate.

Both are potenial factors that causing eyestrain.

What we di know is the majority of users do not have the means &/or resources to properly test & eliminate or quantify what is the cause for the majority.

So all we can do is help to identify potenial factors. Like some have greater sensitivity to virtual depth perception & may need a lightfield display for a wide fov headset.

So the only thing false would be to say eyestrain root cause has been identified & eliminated.

With your particular case & others would need to evaluate why you have eyestrain & someone with same ipd & symetry does not.


Thats easy, they have better focus ability and or , do not have the screens in focus and do not notice it. like some reviews that say the SDE is hard to see or it is almost gone, when in reality its still there if you know how to adjust the HMD correctly.


Nothing is wrong with what I am saying. In fact the opposite is you are going wrong by assuming and claiming the majority of eyestrain issue is the cause of assymetric eyes. Pimax eyestain issue is more than assymettic eyes, and the cause ofcourse would be either angular panels, or lenses or both as it can not be the headstraps, or cables or the volume bottons!?

Pls allow other users, real consumers and pledgers to discuss this here on the forum rather acting as a demagogue.


Yes presuming an answer is easy. You could definitely be on the right path that it is simply stronger adaptability at least as one of the factors.

It could also be stronger sensitivity as well as some can hear below average human range. Hearing coil whine & such.