Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



You are presuming I said majority as an absolute. As mentioned several times that you have ignored.

It is too soon to make any definite conclusions. Just that the new setting is resolving some’s eyestrain cause that is related to eye symetry & stereo overlap.

It is you stating something is absolutely false which is false. Now will not feed this any further as it is still needs further study with more info on using new settings.

And btw I am a real user, consumer & pledger and am allowed to participate in what is a discussion. Remember this is a forum.


Have you tried a thicker facepad like 18mm? Can it be your headset? Did others use your headset and did they have the same issues? or meet up with another backer and compare? Then you know something…


But you are not “just” a pledger&consumer, and can not be %100 unbiased.

Btw, I am not presuming anything. I believe you do the assumption & pressumtion part by claiming majority as that is not the case from my reddit/youtube/pimax forum readings.

Anyway, now pls step aside a little from this discussion, and let others express their opinion. You already made your point which I absolutely disagree and deviative from the real issue.


I have tried almost everything. This is not an alignment problem btw, so many youtubers also report this. I have various other VR hmds as well so as a VR enthousiast I know what I am talking about. 3 of my friends own Pimax as well and they also felt eyestrains with various IPDs so the problem is not my Pimax at all.


Your presumptions are not amusing. I do have my own opinions that are not owned by anyone.

So yes I do have unbiased opinion no different than your own. Any number of users can confirm this as I have been accused of not supporting pimax enough & supporting them too much.

So stop being biased in your perceptions of others. So no will not step aside from an open discussion.


I know this would be crazy but it would be cool if the offset could be adjusted for each eye, like it is for contrast and darkness…


Indeed I imagine sean & the rest of the team are likely evaluating this request. Though they should implement an advanced tab as many are often intimated by having too many options visible.

When time permits definite guides will definitely be a welcomed plus. But in the meantime we as a community can work together to create our own guides to help each other find what works.

We already have a few members helping with porting pitool to support a couple of more languages. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@PMXskciVR Have you tried the 3D printed mod (3D printed plastic facial interface mod). I am using it and it has improved this for me.
The other night I removed it in order to see if the offset could fix my IPD/strain issues with out it.
Nope, need the the 3D printed mod to move the HMD away from my face. Even then is not “perfect” (like the dk2, rift, vive was) but its definitely a big improvement. I would say now with the 0ffset its about 94% good. Weird thing is every time I do put on the HMD and adjust it on my head my eyes seem off little more than the last time. Probably takes a few mins for my eyes to adjust, which tells me its not perfect…


Not Amusing?? Ooh yea,
Mr. Moderator/Pledger/Consumer/Brand Influencer/etc for sure this forum is really so amusing thanks to your tremendous unbiased efforts!?

Anyhow, good luck with whatever you do for a living.

About Pimax&eyestrain issue everything is clear enough from real VR enthousiasts eyes.


Pimax facial interface is good enough for me. And I use some thicker facepad so no problem there. But the issue does not go away with vertical or horizontal allignment. It looks like a more complex thing with angled panels& wide lenses of Pimax.


So when you move the HMD out a little from your face it does not improve?


After using a thicker facepad, no it does not.


We are all real VR enthusiasts with real eyes. Now please be more considerate of the code of conduct. Just stick to the topic & explore the discussion instead trying to make about the people discussing it. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I’m no dummy too(into vr since DK1 years ago), i just keep having wauw moments with my pimax(without eyestrain) and am really glad i backed it. I hope you find a solution, or just sell and move on this won’t help…


I recommend you do the same.

Let us discuss the topic at hand without deviations with lots of paragraphs and assumptions& presumptions, etc…

Take care ,:koala::bear::mouse2::cow2::fox_face:


Try it at 61.5 then adjust it in software.


Indeed though we were on topic until a mis interpetation steered off course. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


This so far seem like the most constructive thing I have heard these last few post and I dunno why Pimax would not make it so if asymmetrical eyes is really a thing and a problem.


I am %100 sure that assymetric eyes are not the main cause of general eyestrain problem people are reporting with Pimax all over the social media as most of them own more than a couple of VR hmds, and they are VR enthousiasts however, with this feature we would help some people to have less eyestrain.

Here is a research if you would like to check in more depth about assymetric IPD: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/tswj/2014/347826/

There are so many other similar research all over the internet if you want to google… So I believe from my experience as well that this is not a major problem with Pimax!

Rather to put the blame on Pimax consumers’ ipd’s symetry, Pimax needs to be open to any critization, and need to address eyestrain.


Just because YOU are certain, does not make it true. :slight_smile:

There are clearly issues related to eyestrain, but without proper investigation, the “root cause” (or causes) cannot be determined.

I can verify that eyestrain is an issue with my 8K, but for ME, it only happens when my hard or soft IPD is not set correctly. I can play for hours with no eyestrain, when my headset IPD is set properly.