Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



I was able to trigger immediate eyestrain (within seconds) by setting the software IPD to -1, so try lowering it, until you get an immediate reaction. My IPD is 63 (iirc) as a point of comparison.


As an example, if I play Elite with Pimax on 90Hz, I’m comfortable, no eye-strain, nausea anything even inside stations where my FPS drops below 40. I see that it is not perfectly fluent but I have no problem with it.

If I put Pimax on 72 Hz, then even in space where I get over 72 FPS, so it is perfectly fluent, I get dizzy after short time, start to feel uncomfortable. I tried few more things with 72 Hz but nothing worked.

I don’t know why it is and I suppose most people don’t have the same experience but for me it just behaves like that. At the end it is all in the brain I suppose, in my case it just does not accept 72Hz in VR for some reason (though I am Ok with that on monitor).


Yea makes sense. Thanks


Well, I just received my replacement Pimax 5K+ after I sent it back after it started showing a yellow horizontal line. BTW, I have an IPD of 58mm and had serious eyestrain with that one.

Well, I’ve been trying the replacement. I’m using the original face mask, but with folded pieces of tissue pushed underneath the lower half to angle it up. I immediately updated to the latest beta firmware. I whacked up the contrast and lowered the brightness. I haven’t adjusted the software IPD. I left the hardware IPD at its lowest. The focus is much better on this one. Something to do with improved contrast maybe or perhaps the new IPD settings?

I just messed about in The Lab and couldn’t get over the clarity. What the hell? It’s like a different headset. Pin sharp. Vibrant colours and great contrast. I’m really excited to test this out further.:heart_eyes:


Interesting. My 8K maxes out a 80 hz. 72 is fine and lets me up the visuals, while still feeling smooth. 60 hz was a stuttering mess, but that was on an older driver and may no longer be true.


Yes this would be great. Going to be interesting when pimax starts selling to a wider amount of people. If they do not get good ipd instructions or some ipd calibration software to get this correct they are going to be dealing with a lot of returns. People paying 700-800 just for the hmd are not going to accept it’s just their “physiology”, deal with it. (Also throw in more face foams and make prescription inserts available should be day one things)


As with any consumer device of this nature they will need to have a refund period. To allow return of headset if not able to use.


that what you expect from you local law, but thats not necessarily the case, when purchasing in china online store you might buy to the rules from where the company is selling, things like that depend on local law’s but in most cases you will buy to conditions of the seller and then its china

the kickstarter was a different thing (there is no refund at all) but under normal conditions i only would by from a local/national company that is bound to my local laws, i’d only order small/cheap stuff directly in china

and especially in the state the 5k+/8k hardwsre, software and support is now i’d recommend everyone (hwo asks me about it) to buy with (free) refund and only from a local company (you can talk to in you language and that will be bound to local law - good luck to clear legal trouble with a chinese parcel service or a chinese company from abroad)


Ah but with them opening a US office changes things.

But perhaps not as much as in the recent past Pimax 4k & B1 headsets where sold on Amazon & Newegg. And with being an emerging company with stronger plans of penetrating international market; I’m sure they know they need to have improved consumer relations.

Other than fixing manufacturing issues; positive international consumer relations is key. We know this is there current biggest challenge that needs drastic improvements.

Especially with posts like this:

Excert from RdToVR Article on previous premise that Xtal is building a consumer version. The February 2019 from SkarredGhost interview with Vrgineers seems that jump might be premature.


What the heck does this have to do with anything. We re talking about the current state of pimax hmd’s, lack of instructions, needed face foams and prescription inserts.


The post speaks for itself. Don’t need to read much between the lines. Current state vs earlier state.


Oh you are saying support is getting a bad rep. Ok…

Some positive news: I had support ticket open with pimax about eye strain/ipd issues. Last month. They said they will send additional face foams for me to try. Then nothing for 2 weeks. Emailed again and they said please be patient, then nothing. Just emailed NA support and in 5 mins they respond that they (Support in Florida) shipped them, and gave me the tracking number. Will be here Wednesday!


Yes improvements are being implemented & yeilds will hopefully continue to demonstrate improvements as we move forward. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


love the new pitools the ipd tools have worked magic for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just in time as the cat has craped on my glass,s people ,o yes my vr glass,s (for seeing better vr not my hmd) set up with the new tools ,flippin great stuff ,next day found the cat had crapped on my glass,s ?
i dont know what you would call it ,but hay them binned now :rofl:


Okay folks I can say I have had Eyestrain. I used the new ipd soft adjustment at -2.0 pictured was blurred & eyes hurt quick. Tried +2.0 picture looked good buy felt off & even mildly nauseated. But still might have been feelingg effects from negative setting.

Will try positive offset tomorrow again. Either way as it has helped some we can say it has helped some with this related eyestrain cause. Hopefully we continue to see soft fixes that solve other causes.


I found anything positive made things weired but for me having things a little closer was key ,-0.5 to -1.5 with some fiddling with lens ipd is a better range or only range i can make good in :rainbow: