Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



Pimax should release a smaller lens the same as the current lenses but wjth a bit cut off the inside of each of the lenses near the nose, along with a compressable rubber lens adapter if neccessary to achieve 55mm and sell it along with replacement larger lenses, and allowing customers to do lens replacements without voiding warranty. Problem solved. Please take this into consideration. @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @Matthew.Xu @xunshu


That would probably be the best option to solve this IPD issue.

I believe we may need to have a software IPD slider as well due to the fact panels are fixed.

After all, most WMR hmds and PSVR have software ipd sliders because lenses and panels are fixed.

Rift and Vive have only physical ipd sliders because lenses and panels move all together.

Unfortunately, on Pimax panels are fixed but lenses can move. Even we manage to find the right sweet spot center without any eyestrain on lenses, I believe we should at least be able to move the picture on the lcd displays with a software slider in Pitool.

That would also help NOT to loose any effective FOV.


I think there is an assembly QA inconsistancy due to variance of users with low ipds. Some very little to no problem while others having difficulties. Look @spamenigma whom received 2 5k+s with different min ipd setting values.

It is likely imho that calibtating this not consistant resulting in incorrect adnjustments on ipd profiles on lens position.


Have you checked both headsets to see if min ipd & max are the same values?

Another thing that can be checked with a vernier or similar tools (tape measure with Mask removed) is lens distances.


With yours being 57mm are you in the same boat as @PimaxUSA able to use headset properly? Mine seems good for lower ipd ranges on friends whom have tried mine without eyestrain. Which it might be an idea for ppl to try lower brightness as well. Since Blue lightmight be causing some strain.


If the sweetspot is large enough even with 57mm low on dial should support 55mm.

I beleive we are seeing inconsistant manufacturing resulting in variance in ipd settings. QA on this process is not being checked with enough frequency to ensure high level of quality.


Truth the opposite might also be needed for really wide ipd users


Their are almost identical, P2 (if you guys need I can even share serial numbers with Pimax team). Min IPD 59.7, lenses same distance, same build quality, same foam, etc… We also applied together same mods for equal comparison.

I don’t see any manufacturing discrepency at all. I have another friend he just received his, will contact him and share our results here in a couple of days.

He had 71mm IPD, I wonder what will be his experience. I asked him to share his opinions here as well.

We’ll see.


If your headsets were made in the same batch they could be identicle.

As I said problem is neither is a 100% consistent with being good or bad.

Look at Cables for example Early batches no problems after Dec 2018 a lot of problems with cables.


Let’s first handle the problem with average and below IPD issue as so far they are the majority out of eyestrain complains.

So far, I have not seen any 7x mm IPD people having eyestrain, and complaining. I can’t comment on 8x ipd though, even they can be happy with their Pimax :grin:

But, I will support any IPD to be supported by Pimax of course, as this is a vr hmd with huge potential. Maybe not for my cat though :joy:


They were not at the same patch, we checked that too. I was kickstarter, he preordered, totally far from even close.

Mine is not the earliest though. I was 2xxx.

Cables look almost identical, if not serials you can’t distinguish them.

Pimax did a good job here.


The problem resides that your eyestrain & low ipd problems are not consistant.

If it is due go manufacturing not controlled properly. First step is to refine the process with new testing procedures. Not redesign. For example if the “First Off” works on all prescribed ipd values. Then they need to identify when & where this is failing. Each run in Manufacturing often starts with a First Off that is thoroughly tested.


I am not able to follow you. But there is nothing inconsistent from my part so far.

Yesterday, I said I will test mine in a VRClub in our town, other friend of mine also accepted to bring his Pimax along.

So we are trying to do our best to see what is the real problem.

You just need to make Pimax team aware of our problems and help us to find a solution.


You need info on how the serial translate & would need to know how they test the first off of each run.


No as a consumer I do not need to know such deep info as I do not work for Pimax.

I am here to let know Pimax, and other customers about an important issue we are experiencing with almost identical several hmds.

We will continue to do our part, let know the community about it and leave the solution to customer support of Pimax. We just hope they care about their present and future customer base.


2 headsets is not enough to sample. Mine 4 example came from first or 2nd batch like Sweviver & such. Ours are likely more consistant with heavier testing. After awhile in mfgring testing frequencies change.

Beginning every peice might be tested for a given feature. After production stablized this might be 1 tested for 25 units made and so on.


Well to fix problems in mamufacturing you do. As a consumer you might help identify a consitent issue or an inconsistant one caused by a process that goes out of control.

Atm results accross headsets is not consistant or everyone would be complaining as with your “average ipd” you would not be reporting what you have. So at present from your perticular group we can suspect 2 possibly defective headsets. & so on. Receive a 3rd with same issue increases to a trend opposed to a random spike on an SPC.


We will have 3 hmd. 1 more can be expected from latest batch if Pimax delivers it soon. Very different batches. 2 to 3 month of difference. So far 2 is identical with 2.5 months of production date difference.

We’ll examine with 70 to 80 VR enthousiasts, who own at least 2 VR headsets, we are likey in that sense as it is a very nice community in that VRClub.

Than we’ll do our best to share all info in a consistent, as much as scientific and objective way.

This is all we can do. The good thing about it so many people will have opportunity to experience Pimax, and all the hype behind it.


With the inconsistancy in shipping wouldn’t rely on when receiced. Comparing serial number sequences should give a better idea.

Then you also run into when a componet was made which will not reflect when headset completed final assembly.


If Pimax can give us a hand, we will be happy of course. If you can arrange let them send us their best manufacturing headset.

After all they all have our info, and I will still be waiting for controllers, hand motion unit, and other stretch goals. Of course god know when we gonna receive those :slight_smile:

I am ready to send back one, If Pimax can ship me the most pristine, 66mm IPD and below supporting headset.