Eyestrain discussion / Problems and Solutions



On mine I only get eye strain on the right eye. Still haven’t managed to get an IPD setting that fixes it.
But I am wondering if the fact that only right hurts might be something else ? Like lens misalignment ? Although the image looks clear


Everything is available on excel sheet about production, and shipping batch differences.

Besides I do not believe there are huge manufacturing discrepency beside early patches.

Anyways, we’ll do our test.

After all people want to experience this headset. A lot of them, were just about to preorder and I stopped them.

Let them see with their own eyes and decide. And we’ll do our best to share everything here on Pimax forums. New kickass VR enthousiasts will be joining to forum, what else you would ask for more, right?

They will register their accounts and comment from their point of view.

I will be just the moderator during those VRClub days.


Being able to try anything befire buying is best. Granted Vive wouldn’t have sold as well as it did on it’s pre order as many were pissed about the low res at the time.

If pimax is having qa issues with manufacturing. Then it is better for them not to have headsets that require rma being sold. Ideally defects at 0 shipped to customers.


Dallas explained the serial number here:

I personally don’t believe theres much different between the batches save just the very first ones.


A recent user reported had an issue of misaligned screen that was fixed via software. So this would also affect eyestrain with pics not aligned properly.


The problem with only getting one eye in focus is that you will not get the same distortion profile in both eyes, because the HMD is not central to your sight only a very very small difference but it is still there.


Honestly, I don’t think this is something an end-user can do. To avoid pinching and extend range probably requires disassembly of lens and adjustment mechanism, replacement of lens holder, and a software update.

Unfortunately, I think Pimax will need a new narrow face / small IPD headset model to adequately fix this issue.


In my humble opinion they just need to URGENTLY modify their design to support average human eye IPD of 64mm as optimum and allow people to dial min +, - 5mm. This will please 90 percent of VR enthousiasts.

How they can solve current customer base including pledgers and preorders in another big question! But I believe it can be handled with time, just Pimax should be brave enough…


Keep in mind that different thickness face cushions could change all this math and the geometry of your eyes in relation to the lenses…so we should wait till pimax releases all their new pads to see how that might change things.


If there were software correction, more people would mod their headset…plus pimax can reuses that same software in the future…reiterated.


Looking at other peoples problems about their dead pixels and Pimax’s warranty and service policy and silence, I am really very pessimistic!


But they already do. My IPD is 63 mm and it works fine for me. No distortions, no eyestrain, no pinched nose. (And no, I’m not of Asian decent.)

However, there is probably some other issue(s) (not IPD), which is causing problems.


This problem has nothing to do with a couple of mm vertical and horizontal alignment with facepads and etc…

This has also nothing to do with manufacturing discrepencies, or faulty units.

This is a design flaw!


Looks like I am afraid you are not aware of your real IPD or have Superman’s eyes :yum:.


I agree that there is some sort of design flaw, which is affecting quite a few of Pimax’s customers. I just think that it’s not necessarily an IPD issue (at least in the case of typical IPD values). There is clearly a problem with dialing in lower IPDs (insufficient lower bound and nose pinch).

I wonder if part of the problem isn’t the distance to the face and/or angle of the headset. That is, you can’t get closer than “no padding” and angle may be difficult to adjust. I have a counterweight at the back of my headset, to reduce pressure on my cheeks, which also slightly angles the headset upwards.

My IPD is self-measured at 63 and I’m currently using an IPD of 62.3 mm for the headset. That means that there’s some other non-IPD issue causing problems for some people (if they are in the typical IPD range). Also, vertical alignment is critical, I think I have about 0.5 mm of vertical tolerance for “perfect” alignment. Some of this is likely related to the angled panel design.


So far, with my 5 friends we concluded this issue is not about vertical, horizontal, etc. facepadding kind of problem.

As I posted before, we will join all of our forces with 3 different batch produced 5k+, another preordered 5k+, and possibly even a 8k to test it in my friends VRClub, with around 80 expected VR enthousiast with various IPDs to have a better understanding what is wrong with Pimax.

Keep in touch, I will try my best to present the situation as objective as possible with youtube videos, reddit posts, and we’ll share everything here from various customer base.

Those people want to preorder, we will show them what we got, and they will finalize their opinion.


Your missing the vital point. With you having around average ipd. If 1 screen’s position is not calibrated for proper alignment. You can dial ipd all day long & not get it right because the image position in one eye is off. This can cause eyestrain big time.

This will cause ipd setting issues. This perticular quality issue will definitely cause low ipd values big time issues.

I would reccommend submitting a ticket & have them check your headset remottely to ensure display alignment is properly calibrated.


Not necessarily. @pome had an issue where screen alignment was off. If the images from the start are not displayef properly say at min ipd setting. Left at -10 & Right Screen at +10. If one side is out the image will not align properly.

Ie L -10 R +15 ipd set at 57mm. The image shift will not be symetrical. Causing image to be potentially out of focus. Image position needs to be correct.


Here is the link to my monoscopic 360 degree image


and here is the same one, but stereo



“ Not necessarily. @pome had an issue where screen alignment was off”

Is there a test we can run locally to find out if this is the case?