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In theory a 3d sbs pic should work as each image should be shown in it relative screen in a 3d viewer.


Yes your right @neal_white_iii I’ve a IPD of 63.25 mm and don’t experience so much distortion or disconfort with my 5K+. Things are really more complicated them it seems. Maybe It’s why many manufacturers won’t even try to market large FOV VR because of the cusmization required to get optimal result on a large audience. It’s like buying a pair a prescription glass it must be a customized experience where every VR headsets should be tailored to his owner or highly customizable with a complex and accurate initial setup.


Even then. I accept that Pimax might not display the setting correctly and also that low IPD range has problem. But 64 is mean IPD value of male population. If there was problem with 64 IPD then half of Pimax backers would have a problem - which they don’t. Even for 62 you would definitely see more than 10% backers having problems which they don’t (or this forum would explode).

Ergo, even if the problem is somewhat related to IPD, it is not that Pimax can not support these IPD’s. Your problem must be caused also by something else, just putting the lenses closer will probably not solve it if you are experiencing problems in 64-66 range. I don’t know what the problem is but I would widen the search, if you fixate yourself on IPD you will not solve it.


We just measured lens center to center middle point distance of 2 Pimax’s at minimum settings by bringing the lenses as close as possible.

They both are 71mm!! (Plus minus .1)

Now anyone telling they are ok with their IPD around 64, tell us the minimum distance of your lenses focal distance pls.



Focal distance? I think you mean centre to centre distance between the lenses.


How on earth you explain two different batch Pimax are so consistently misaligned than? They both same.


Yes center to center middle point distance between lenses at minimum setting.


Yes but I think the lens distance does not equal IPD because of angled displays & lens geometry. It makes me wonder though, what if you move farther away from the display, does it get better? If it is converging then I suppose the farther you are the lower IPD you could possibly support.

If 71 mm was lowest supported IPD almost no one could use it which is not the case.


Moving further away introduces other problems such as blur.


Further away does not help as I already did it like 4mm and even further makes FOV small and hmd not to be usable with blur, distortion, etc…

Angled displays should not be the reason of that much big center to center distance especially considering this was measured at minimum IPD settings. Moving further it goes up to 80 and more… :fearful:


I just measured my physical lens spacing as ~72mm centre to centre at min setting. I have an IPD of 59. That dial indicates 59.7 (I don’t think this number means anything). I’m meant to be able to resolve a clear image with minimal distortion and not suffer eye strain with this spacing. That assumes a sweet spot in the lenses of over 6mm between centre of lens and nose edge of lens. The sweet spot is not that big. With the lenses that far apart and my low IPD I can’t get a clear image.

How did they expect that someone with an IPD of 55 was meant to use this headset. Did they just make up numbers?

If Pimax open and register offices in the EU does that mean they are subject to EU law for advertising and online selling? If it does they won’t last very long.

If they shipped the cable I’ve been waiting a month for I could sell this thing and be done with it. Please Pimax at least send a working shielded cable. I want to cut my losses and move on.


At IPD around 60 (near 59, far 61), I get a clear frontal picture in both eyes up to ~62-63 IPD. However, I do get a clear picture in the periphery only in one eye at a time. In the Pimax default screen one eye sees an ipsilateral peripheral star clearly, while the other needs to look through the nose area of the lens and contribute a smeared image. This is quite useful for IPD calibration though, if you relax your eyes (out of focus, no accomodation, “zone out”) you can see a double star, but wheel them to merge.

The nose area might be marginally blurrier though, and I see the inner edge limit of each lens if I think about it (added a nose cushion which might move me further away from the lenses).


Very consistently I have almost same mesurements, and minimum IPD is also reported 59.7 which far from being the truth.

This was supposed to be next gen vr hmd, unfortunately does not even properly support average human eye of 64mm IPD.

When we gonna hear a statement from Pimax I wonder…


For IPD dialed in at 70,7 mm I measure 81 (+/-1) mm distance between the lenses, which seems consistent with other measurements here (my real IPD is 72 mm). Why there is this difference (and why it is correct) I explained here (Clarifying Near IPD x Distant IPD confusion).


Remember guys, theres the thing called self adaption


All i know is, no matter how far or how close i set the lens or headset, i always see blurry on one eye.
Picture is never in focus and eye strain kicks in after 5 min, headache 20 min.
Hoping its an issue with my unit and replacement would be better but for what i read its not looking like it…


What is your real-life IPD?


real life IPD is 66.5 but it seems to me that i need lenses to get even closer to each other


Weird I have exactly the same ipd as you and I’ve found the sweetspot at 64,8mm - 65mm
I could use a bit thicker padding though, to get even better picture.


When i got headset on i can clearly see the pixel grid, and it looks to me that the grid of the right screen is not aligned with the left, i notice it vertically ( can actually zoom with one eye )