Face pad / Virtual link cable



I would like to buy a face pad for my pimax 5K +. I can not find it in the pimax shop. Even with ebay & Co. I find nothing. Where can you buy it?

Then I had someday read that there is a cable with “virtual link” plug for the pimax or should give. Does someone know?


Yeah no facepad options yet on main site either.


it would be nice if pimax could say something here …


@Dallas.Hao might know about the plans to make additional face pads available in shops (Pimax, Amazon).



I’m looking forward to the official release of the official facepad on the official website! :smiley:


What material is it?


Maybe @PimaxUSA can answer that… :wink:


the 15mm is a bit denser material than the 13.5 better but similar material. We have other variants coming as well including one that will come as a “kit”.


Thanks Kevin. Looking forward to learning about that “kit” and what it can do for those that can’t seem to find the sweet spot with the Pimax… :wink:

By the way. Virtual Link adapter/cable has been dropped by Valve due to “multiple technical reasons”:


Foremost on that list is reliability. Our current testing indicates the VR connection may fail to establish in a reliable manner.

Would be nice, of course, if they’d tell something more accurate. One should actually assume that there were already several tests BEFORE the “virtual link” standard was passed. But we pimax user know that even normal cables are not always so reliable…:roll_eyes:

Additionally, Virtual Link technology has not been widely adopted by manufacturers,

pardon? As good as ALL Nvidia 2000 Series cards have the virtual link port. And the enthusiasts who buy a high-end HMD like the index, probably have pretty much all a current graphics card…


15mm Foam is Sold out :roll_eyes:


It hasn’t been “in stock” yet. They just added the product to the shop… :wink: