Falling black pixels every second



I just received the amazing Pixmax 4K and I am experiencing some issues:

  1. Ghosting objects when we turn the head on highly contrasted images => I was expecting this, having read that in the forum, I guess, there is still nothing we can do?

  2. Something I didn’t see else where, I get a flashing vertical line of black dots every second in the middle of the screen. I mean not exactly a line, but like a flashing black pixel falling like rain in the middle. Very quickly, difficult to capture in a picture, it is so fast and so tiny, but very annoying on highly contrast image (for example at the lab). Has anyone seen that and knows to fix that?

  3. The lenses are not in the appropriate position, according to my experience (or the shape of my head probably, which I thought is quite normal). If I put the headset how it is supposed to be, it is completely unfocused on the bottom of the image. I have to move the headset down on my nose, like forcing it into my nose, which is painful and uncomfortable. I tried to adjust the foam around, but it doesn’t help a lot as I would need to put my nose into the plastic to make it work. On the other hand if I had 2 extra layers of foam on the bottom of headset, I can get a decent focus, but the field of view would get smaller. Any trick to help to fix that, would be useful, as I cannot use the headset more than 20 minutes without having pain. Same problem with my wife, who has a different nose, so I guess it is not a question of nose, but a position of the lenses.

Thank you for your help



Hi, sorry for inconvenience.

Please let me know where did you buy the item and aslo the series number on the headset, thanks.

  1. Regarding Ghost, as you know, Pimax 4K uses the 4K customized LCD screen, it may more or less appear a bit ghost phenomenon in the white background but should be not apparent in the most of scenes. The engineers have also been optimizing it.
  2. Regarding “flashing vertical line”, the headset may occur an issue when it’s in transit. If it annoys your experience, please contact seller for a replacement or refund, sorry.
  3. As for “focus” issue, may I ask your vision? Usually we suggest users to wear their prescription glasses for a better experience if they have a nearsighted or farsighted vision. Or you may also adjust IPD ( Interpupillary Distance) in Piplay driver.

Looking forward to your further reply.


Thank you very much for your quick answer.

I will send back the information about the series number and the name of the provider

  1. OK
  2. I am not sure what you mean by having the headset “in transit”. I just tried again to get a picture of the moving/flashing black pixels and they are gone right now. Which is good news, as it is not permanent, but I have no idea in what conditions they appear.
  3. I have adjusted the IPD in PiPlay driver and I don’t wear glasses. As I said, my wife has the same issue. PiMax is certainly a very great device, but it would be great if it was possible to adjust a bit more to the face. Other devices allow to adjust the distance between the eyes and the lens, for example. I feel that one quick way to fix that would be to put another foam larger on the bottom part in order to fill the gap between the PiMax and my cheeks. Do you have any recommendations for a more adjustable foam?



Personally I had the same issue. I purchased a HTC vive thick foam (can’t remember the exact thickness) and use that… It works pretty well. It’s also easier to clean as well!



Hi, you’re welcome. Please send your series number and the provider to support@pimaxvr.com. We will give you a solution about this case.:slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment Enopho. I am getting a bit used to it, but I will follow your advice and order the HTC vive foam. Thank you


I indeed ordered some thick HTC vive foam and it worked well for me too. I have 6, 11 and 18 mm. While the 11 mm could work, the 18mm works better for me.


Glad to of helped!