Fans for Pimax?


Hey Everyone!
I currently have the Pimax 5k+ and I came from the HTC Vive Pro, where I had Vive-N-Chill Fans connected to it, via the USB-C Port.

Does anyone know of any small fans that I can connect to the Pimax 5k+ that would work well, without any cords getting in the way?

The Vive-N-Chill Fans work with the Pimax also, but the USB-A to USB-C attachment gets in the way a bit, since the USB-C port on the Pimax is on the underside of the HMD, right in front of the nose. The Usb c to A adapter is just very thick and stiff, so if I connect it, the wire comes straight down. On the Vive Pro, the USB-C port is next to where the HDMI cable went, so it was pretty convenience that way.


There is also a usb-C on top but will likely need a cable type adapter.


Where? that would be the perfect spot.


Right below top middle strap


Awesome. I just found it also after someone in discord showed me as well.

Thank you. That spot is perfect.


Your welcome. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The kickstarter rewards included a fan I believe.